Spring Security control permissions

1, Meet spring security Spring Security is the security framework for the spring project and the default technology selection of the Spring Boot underlying security module. It can realize powerful Web security control. For security control, we only need to introduce the Spring Boot starter secuUTF-8...

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[BJDCTF2020]ZJCTF, however

[BJDCTF2020]ZJCTF, however Open the range Directly to the source code

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Serial part 6 bytecode bytecode generation in explanation of Chrome V8 principle

home pagespecial columnjavascriptArticle details0Serial part 6 bytecode bytecode generation in explanation of Chrome V8 principleDreamer Published 2 minutes ago1. SummaryThis is the sixth article to explain the translation process from abstract syntax code (AST) to bytecode in V8. AST is the trUTF-8...

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[network security] Penelope: a powerful Shell processing tool

About Penelope Penelope is a powerful Shell processing tool. Its main function is to replace netcat and use it as a Shell catcher in the process of exploiting RCE vulnerabilities. The tool can work on Linux and macOS. You only need to install and configure the Python 3 environment. The tool hasUTF-8...

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Detailed replication of JBOSS unauthorized vulnerability

Catalog 0x00 Preface Introduction to 0x01 JBOSS Unauthorized Access 0x02 JBOSS is not authorized to reproduce one 1. Docker Container Setup Environment 2. Visit to find vulnerabilities 3. Generating warSehll 4. apache2 Deploy Remote Server 4. Deploy Shell remotely through addurl paramUTF-8...

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[WEB security] flash out of network echo mode

preface This problem is mainly encountered during the game. The content of the problem is about this[ View information] # app.py from flask import Flask, request, session, render_template_string, url_for, redirect import pickle import io import sys import base64 import random import subprocess UTF-8...

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Beginner's topic: installation of KALI

1, KALI introduction KALI Linux is a Linux operating system different from Windows and MacOS. It integrates many penetration testing software, such as nmap (network scanner), Wireshark (network analyzer), etc. KALI system and its integrated tools will be used for penetration test, but not limiUTF-8...

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SQL injection error reporting function

preface The premise of error injection is that when an error occurs in a statement, the error information is output to the front end. The reason for the vulnerability is that developers use print when developing programs_ r (),mysql_error(),mysqli_ connect_ The error () function outputs the UTF-8...

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[JS reverse hundred examples] dragnet crawler__ lg_stoken__, X-S-HEADER and other parameter analysis

Focus on official account dry cargo WeChat public: K brother crawler, keep sharing crawler advance, JS/ Android reverse technology dry goods! statement All the contents of this article are for learning and communication. The contents of the package, sensitive websites and data interfaces have UTF-8...

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CS combined with python3 shell code to make a kill free script

Article reference from: Cobalt Strike kill free operation - technical article - 90Sec 0x00 Basics Introduction to Cobalt Strike Cobalt Strike is a powerful penetration tool, which integrates port forwarding, right lifting, credential export, service scanning, file binding, Trojan horse generatiUTF-8...

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