"The Witch's Journey" - After Reading "The Sigh of Backtracking"

"Sigh of Retrospect" - Encountering Hope with Despair

A story that I can't let go of for a long time. Its name is "Sigh of Backtracking".

​ Background——

There is a girl named Serena who lives an ordinary life in an ordinary family.

However, one day, the robber broke into the ordinary family life, and the parents of the family passed away. Serena, who happened to go out at that time, although escaped, lost her parents.

Poor she was adopted by her uncle.

However, she was abused at her uncle's house. Under the abuse of her uncle, darkness quietly grew in her heart, making her start to hate human beings and this hopeless world.

In the end, the impulse finally turned into action, and she assassinated her uncle. After her uncle's death, she went astray, killing people for pleasure.

That's it, after that, she murdered again and again, and unknowingly got the title of "The Second Chome Killer".

However, the existence of murderers and bad people will eventually overcome evil.

Three years ago, she was arrested by the genius who became a witch at a young age, Estelle the Lavender Witch, and sentenced to death.

So, the country is a little more peaceful.

​ On this day, the scumbag woman came to this country and was entrusted by Estelle to return to the past to redeem her childhood friend Serena.

Estelle and Serena were childhood playmates.

The two have been good friends since childhood, and others even say that they are like sisters. On one side is a genius magician, and on the other side is an ordinary ordinary girl. In this regard, the two are not similar, but even so, they are still very good at magic.

The two close friends have not seen each other since eleven years ago, the year before Serena's parents passed away.

In order to become a witch, Estelle left the clock town of Rostrov to practice magic in another country, and the two went their separate ways.

After five years of training, Estelle was finally promoted from magician to witch.

As a genius, Estelle's abilities were naturally highly evaluated in the clock town of Rostrov. As soon as the witch returned to her hometown, she was immediately summoned by the king and invited to become a「Country exclusive witch」. This is a very high honor, and she agreed without saying a word.

Estelle wanted to be the first to share this joy with her best friend Serena.

That's when she learns that her childhood friend from the past is no longer what she used to be. Only then did she know that after five years, her childhood playmate had become a murderer who enjoyed killing.

Despite her grief, Estelle tried many times to persuade Serena, but all failed. Even if the ambush catches Serena and convinces her, Estelle's words have long been out of her ears. In Serena's eyes, even former best friends have become part of the hateful world.

After the above incidents, Estelle worked hard to study the magic of time reversal, and finally exhausted her efforts to complete this major project. But she will run out of mana due to backtracking, so she needs Irena to accompany her to provide mana.

​ After going back in time, the two discovered an astonishing truth:

「In fact, I was abused by my parents, so I killed them. So will you forgive me?」


「I have grown up under my father's abuse and my mother's bullying since I was born. My father was only willing to look at me with lustful eyes, while my mother regarded me as another woman who was jealous. Even so, they still act like a happy family in front of outsiders. My family has long been twisted.」


「I broke it because it was already broken.」


It wasn't a cute smile that matched her age, but an extremely twisted, chilling smile.

​ The so-called robber is just a cover, Serena is the murderer of her parents! In the end, in despair, Estelle burned the memories of herself and her childhood "best friend", and once again, beheaded Serena... It's such a heart-wrenching story.

The most chilling part is this dialogue-

「Hey, big sister. If you really come from the future, can you please tell me? What kind of person will I be in the future?」

「I'm a traveler and haven't been in this country all the time, so I don't know what kind of person you are.」I took out my wand and set it up.「It should be said that you are already dead ten years later where I am.」

「Huh? Have I been killed, by whom?」

「by your best friend.」

「Do I have any best friends?」


「Ah, could it be Estelle?」

I nodded, and Serena tapped her palm happily.

「Ah, that's what it is, that's what it is, I finally understand. The woman who died here is Estelle ten years later, right?」


「Sure enough! I knew it!」I deliberately kept silent, but she must have regarded my silence as affirmation and clapped her hands happily. Then she tilted her head in confusion and asked:「But why did she want to kill me?」

「Because you have become a murderer.」

「I became a murderer, didn't I?」

「That's right—」

2-chome Murderer.

This is her future name.

Coincidentally, we haven't left Rostrov 2-chome yet. In the end, Estelle and I were still unable to stop the birth of the Murderer.


​ From this conversation, it seems that Serena has never regarded Estelle as a confidant. She has always concealed and deceived Estelle's feelings... In our daily life, we may also have some people The same is true, silently bear the darkness in his heart alone, dare not resist, force a smile in front of others, and pretend to be okay. But who knows their pain if they don't say it?

Domestic violence has always been a lukewarm topic. In the face of domestic violence, victims are often afraid to ask others for help, either because of fear or because of shame, which just exacerbates the seriousness of the problem. Even if a few people muster the courage to speak to their confidants, personal power is not enough to prevent such incidents from happening. Even if a certain amount of public opinion is accumulated, because of various factors, things cannot be solved in many cases. The wounds in the victim's heart will remain there forever and will never be repaired. It's a social reality, cruel, but it's happening all around us.

​ Remember to see such an event on "Some Hu". It's called the "Kench" event. Content (see the link, experience it yourself): https://www.zhihu.com/question/432620121

​ So what can we do? Please think for yourself.

​ Sincerely wish everyone at least a pain-free time. So, cherish those around you...

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