redis implementation of distributed lock

1: What is distributed lock? To introduce distributed lock, we should first mention that thread lock and process lock correspond to distributed lock. Thread Lock: mainly used to Lock methods and code blocks. When a method or code uses a Lock, only one thread executes the method or code segmentUTF-8...

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The way of re learning -- Redis

Notes based on crazy God Video Nosql overview Why Nosql Original architecture – single machine Mysql Memcached + mysql + vertical split (read write split) Reduce the pressure on data and use cache to ensure efficiency Sub database and sub table + horizontal split + Mysql Cluster Essence: databaUTF-8...

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Redis learning notes

Redis 1, Overview 1.1 NoSQL NoSQL=Not Only SQL, which generally refers to non relational database Easy to expand and independent between data Large amount of data and high performance (Redis can write 80000 times and read 110000 times per second) The data types are diverse, and there is no needUTF-8...

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Principle of Spring Boot automatic assembly

1. Principle of automatic assembly Automatic assembly literally means to automatically assemble beans into IOC containers. Automatic assembly is the core function of Spring Boot. We can learn about automatic assembly through the example of Spring Boot integrating redis. Import dependency:

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Bloom filter -- Redis cache penetration solution

1, Definition Hash all possible data into a large enough bitmap, and a certain non-existent data will be intercepted by the bitmap, so as to avoid the query pressure on the underlying storage systemFor malicious attacks, the cache penetration caused by requesting a large amount of non-existent UTF-8...

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Go TCP programming and Redis

tcp programming 1. Basic introduction to network programming One of the main design goals of Golang is to face the large-scale back-end service program. Network communication is an essential and vital part of the server program. There are two types of network programming: 1) Tcp socket programmUTF-8...

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Understand the details of redis's bitmap (interview bonus)

Above Interview killer: Redis source code SDS In, we deeply analyzed the implementation of SDS. The BitMap (BitMap) introduced this time is implemented with the help of SDS. Finally, this paper explains the solution of BitMap to Tencent interview questions, and realizes the calendar chart of thUTF-8...

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Redis database backup, migration and recovery practice

Backup disaster recovery 1, Backup 1. Manually backup redis database #!/bin/bash # Mode 1 Store the data in memory into the rdb file through the redis cli built-in command echo "auth 123456\nping\nsave\n" | redis-cli -h -p 6379 echo "auth 123456\nping\nbgsave\n" | redis-cli -h 127.0.0UTF-8...

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Redis basic practice

Redis basic practice Redis basic practice brief introductioncharacteristicComparison of enterprise cache database solutionsredis application scenarioinstallRedis persistence RDB persistenceAOF persistenceredis data type String (string)ListSetOrdered setHash Raid message mode Task queuePublisherUTF-8...

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Redis - redis data type

Redis (III) -- redis data type preface In this note, some basic commands will be supplemented first, and then the data type of Redis will be explained. This note can be used as a common command manual. Students who want to go deeper are not recommended to learn this note Basic command supplemenUTF-8...

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