How to thoroughly understand how large manufacturers achieve high availability of Redis? Just read this article! (1.2W, recommended Collection)

High Availability HA (High Availability) is one of the factors that must be considered in the architecture design of distributed systems. It usually refers to reducing the time when the system cannot provide services through design. Assuming that the system can always provide services, we say tUTF-8...

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Redis core principle and practice -- Analysis of redis startup process

Redis server is responsible for receiving and processing user requests and providing services for users. The format of the Redis server startup command is as follows: redis-server [ configfile ] [ options ] The configfile parameter specifies the configuration file. The options parameter specifiUTF-8...

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Redis Principle 5: new features of redis 6

1. Multithreading Multithreading: 1. redis 6.0 provides multithreading support. Strictly speaking, previous versions of redis 6 are also multithreaded, only executing users The command request is a single thread model, and some threads are used to perform background tasks, such as unlink deletiUTF-8...

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E-commerce large screen real-time computing scheme based on Kafka + Flink + Redis

preface Ali's double 11 sales large screen can be said to be a special scenic spot. Real time dashboard is being adopted by more and more enterprises to present key data indicators in time. And in practice, it will certainly not only calculate one or two dimensions. Because of Flink's "true strUTF-8...

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springboot cache penetration, avalanche, breakdown simulation and solution demonstration

The process by which a user obtains data tradition No cache, direct request database. Now there are many internal systems, educational administration system and so on Problems with traditional systems The most obvious problem is: slow!. Didn't you find that the class grabbing system in our schUTF-8...

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Implementation of Bloom filter

Implementation provided by guava 1. Introduction of Guava pom configuration guava 29.0-jre 2. Code implementation import; import

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Redis basic knowledge, application scenarios, cluster installation

introduce Redis is the acronym for Remote Dictionary Service, that is, "Remote Dictionary Service". Redis Basics Basic data type Redis has five basic data structures: string, list, set, hash and zset. All Redis data structures take the unique key string as the name, and then obtain the correspUTF-8...

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Detailed explanation and use of Guava cache

cache Cache is divided into local cache and distributed cache. In order to ensure thread safety, local caches are generally saved in memory in the way of ConcurrentMap, while common distributed caches include Redis, MongoDB, etc. Consistency: since the data in the local cache is stored in memorUTF-8...

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Redis's cache penetration, cache avalanche, causes and solutions of cache breakdown

Cache penetration 1, Cache penetration Cache penetration means that the data corresponding to the key does not exist in the data source. Every time a request for this key cannot be obtained from the cache, the request will be sent to the data source, which may crush the data source. For examplUTF-8...

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Redis transaction and expiration processing

The order and speed of thread execution are automatically determined by the operating system and CPU. To solve this problem, Redis transactions can be used What is a transaction Transaction refers to the execution of a business logic as a whole. In fact, it packages a group of operations (or coUTF-8...

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