Deploying redis cluster production cluster based on docker

Before we begin, let's ask a few questions: What is redis cluster? keyHashSlot The function is used to calculate which slot a given key should be allocated to. The node allocation and node data storage are realized by using the fragment modulus algorithm. /* --------------cluster.c-------------UTF-8...

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ELK+filebeat+redis to monitor nginx logs

1. Environmental preparation Background Introduction: Operations and maintenance personnel need precise control of the system and business logs to facilitate analysis of the system and business status. Logs are distributed on different servers. Traditional methods of logging on to each server UTF-8...

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After rolling out the Spring source code, I wrote a distributed cache plug-in for Spring, which is now open source and is about to crack!! (recommended Collection)

Hello, I'm glacier~~ After three months, I finally finished the Spring source code, which is about to crack!! Subsequently, the distributed caching framework was opened source!!! The frame address is as follows: GitHub: Gitee:

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JedisPool resource pool optimization

JedisPool resource pool optimization Reasonable JedisPool resource pool parameter settings can effectively improve Redis performance. This document will describe in detail the use of JedisPool and the parameters of resource pool, and provide suggestions for optimizing configuration. usage methoUTF-8...

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Jedis remote connection to redis server error resolution

An error was reported when using jedis to remotely connect to redis today: redis.clients.jedis.exceptions.JedisConnectionException: Failed connecting to host The connection failed. It is found on the Internet that it is related to a configuration in the configuration file, UTF-8...

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Redisson principle - Redis distributed lock - scheme / mechanism - renewal / release / mutual exclusion / reentry

Original website: Redisson principle - Redis distributed lock - scheme / mechanism - renewal / release / mutual exclusion / reentry_ CSDN blog Other web sites Principle analysis of Redisson's implementation of distributed lock - Zhihu Distributed locks - this is a full understanding (Redis's peUTF-8...

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Building redis cluster in windows Environment

redis used in the project is a cluster deployed in the windows server environment. Because the development environment and test environment are deployed and used by other colleagues, but there are often problems that affect business services, so I made some suggestions in the previous stage BrUTF-8...

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Redisson: the problem of high concurrency under distributed

Redis distributed lock Why use distributed locks? For a stand-alone project, it is not necessary to use a distributed lock. It is sufficient to use the lock of its own JVM. However, when the project is connected to a cluster, there are several instances of the same project to provide external UTF-8...

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[liver burst recommendation] touch your hand and take you to do the Springboot + mybatis plus + shiro + redis background management project (Chapter 3) integrate shiro to set user password encryption

previously on This article is mainly about integrating shiro and adding some checksum interception when logging in, By the way, set up the information. The previous article was too long to write info.html, In the previous article, some use Element UI. The drop-down is select. Previously, Layui UTF-8...

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redis learning notes

1. redis learning notes 1. NoSql overview The user's information, data, and logs have a large number of bursts. At this time, you need to use the NoSql databaseNoSql means not only sql, but also many data types can be expanded horizontally without fixed data patterns and redundant operations 2.UTF-8...

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