react extension and basic use of hooks

1. setState Two ways to write setState update state (1). setState(stateChange, [callback])------Object-oriented setState 1.stateChange Change object for state(This object can reflect the change of state) 2.callback Is an optional callback function, After the status is updated and the interface UTF-8...

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Nacos UI source code deployment and transformation

The Nacos Console module is not directly related to the Console UI. After the Console is started, the static file under Console - > resource is read. The Console UI uses react. The Console UI and Nacos can be deployed separately from the front end and the back end. After reconstruction, build UTF-8...

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2021 front end react high frequency interview questions

2021 front end react high frequency interview questions React video tutorial series React actual combat: CNode video tutorial Complete tutorial Directory: Click to view React classic tutorial - from getting started to mastering Complete tutorial Directory: Click to view The latest front-end comUTF-8...

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Common operations of array in development

1. Convert string to string array --------- convert string to array split() For example: var str="script" console.log( str.split("")) //["s", "c", "r", "i", "p", "t"] str="hello boybyebye" str.split("[")[1].split("]")[0] //'' str.split("[")[1].split("]")[0].splitUTF-8...

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React learning notes 2021.10.10

This is the landlord's own reaction learning notes. All descriptions are the landlord's own understanding, not necessarily the correct description. Please understand as appropriate. If you can point out the mistakes, you will be very grateful. The first is the React package, which is suitable fUTF-8...

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React core -- react hooks

📢 Hello, I'm Xiaocheng, a sophomore front-end enthusiast 📢 This article is a learning note for learning about react Redux data sharing 📢 Thank you very much for reading. You are welcome to correct the wrong places 🙏 📢 May you be loyal to yourself and love life The meaning of hooks The staUTF-8...

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Multiple choice questions of front-end interview questions

The output below is? function(){ console.log(a) var a =1; function a(){} console.log(a) } A.statements require a function name B.1,ƒ a(){} C.ƒ a(){},1 Choose A The output below is? for(var i=0;i

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What problem does React hooks solve?

1, What problems have been solved? Hook is a new feature of React 16.8. It is a special function (useState, useEffect, etc.) starting with use to realize the dynamic update of data in function components. For example, useState is equivalent to state in class components. 2, Hook usage rules and UTF-8...

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Build your own scaffold from 0

This article is to build a scaffold from the perspective of npm on the premise of having a framework of its own The release process is not explained, and it is released by itself Project address and npm address are at the end of the text step Create projectDevelop scaffolding commandsThe consolUTF-8...

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react only stays on the surface? Five knowledge points take you to sort out advanced knowledge

✉️ preface For the surface layer of react, we may often hear about declarative development, one-way data flow, component-based development and so on. Then, further, we need to know more new knowledge about react props, virtual DOM, ref and transition animation. In the following article, we wilUTF-8...

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