6-RabbitMQ practice-1-RabbitMQ introduction and environment construction

6-RabbitMQ practice-1-RabbitMQ introduction and environment construction What is a message queue? Message queue is an asynchronous communication mode between programs. The sender and receiver of messages do not need to interact with message queue at the same time. The message is kept in the quUTF-8...

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RabbitMQ practice - asynchronous processing

A typical usage scenario for rabbitmq is asynchronous processing Scenario Description: after the user registers, send registration email and registration SMS to the user. When we develop the above scenarios, we usually use two ways to implement them. Serial mode Before there was no mq middlewarUTF-8...

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Actual Title: Hand-held message for your business!| Spring Series 49

1. Two purposes of this article 1. Discuss five ways to deliver messages 2. Take you to write code to deliver transactional messages 2. Discuss five ways to deliver messages 2.1. Business Scenarios There is a scenario in e-commerce where after placing an order for a commodity, users need to be UTF-8...

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Bus for spring cloud source code analysis

preface The main functions of Spring Cloud Bus: event subscription and publishing, and the specific implementation of event listening; Spring Cloud Bus is based on spring cloud stream, which shields the differences of underlying message middleware and encapsulates it into various binders. 1, BUTF-8...

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rabbitmq switch and ack mechanism

1, RabbitMQ switch 1. Direct case DirectExchange routing policy is to bind the message queue to DirectExchange. When a message arrives at DirectExchange, it will be forwarded to the corresponding message If the routing key is on the same Queue, for example, if the message Queue is named "Hello UTF-8...

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java Concurrent blocking queues LinkedBlockingQueue and ArrayBlockingQueue

1, ArrayBlockingQueue ArrayBlockingQueue is a bounded blocking queue implemented by array. The elements are sorted according to the principle of first in first out. put method and take method are blocking methods for adding and deleting. Next, we implement a case of producers and consumers throUTF-8...

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rocketmq learning notes

rocketmq learning notes 1. Architecture of rocketmq 1.1. Broker Can be understood as RocketMQ itselfbroker is primarily used by producer s and consumer s to receive and send messagesbroker regularly submits its its own information to nameserverIs a message store, forward server for message middUTF-8...

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rabbitmq: basic concepts, channel, virtualHost, Broker, three kinds of exchange, native implementation and spring boot integration

RabbitMQ basic concepts 1-1: basic architecture diagram Figure from https://www.cnblogs.com/xiaozhang666/p/13866121.html Rabbitmq version: RabbitMQ 3.9.7 maven version: com.rabbitmq amqp-client 5.10.0

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RabbitMq how to ensure idempotent consumption of messages in practice

catalogue 1, Message idempotency 2, Solution 3, Code 1, Message idempotency In programming, the characteristic of an idempotent operation is that the result of any multiple execution is the same as that of one execution. In mq, due to network failure or client delay consumption, the automatic rUTF-8...

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Multithreading: threaded collaboration

1. Thread communication Application scenario: producer and consumer issues If only one commodity can be stored in the warehouse, the producer will put the produced products into the warehouse, and the consumer will take away the products from the warehouse for consumption.If there is no producUTF-8...

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