❤️ C language address book management system (simple version) ❤️

This blog is about the introduction of C language address book. Let's see if you can write such a system? 👋 Hi~ o( ̄▽  ̄) here is the pig programmer 👀 Nice to meet you O(∩) O! 🌱 Now sprouting 🎉 Welcome to pay attention 🔎 give the thumbs-up 👍 Collection ⭐ Leave a message 📝 📌 This articUTF-8...

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Depth analysis of C language format input and output

The so-called data input and output is from the perspective of computer. C language itself has no I/O statements, and all I/O is realized by functions. Standard library functions of C language A series of functions provided by the compiling system are stored in the system in the form of librarUTF-8...

Posted by RP on Wed, 29 Sep 2021 01:15:41 +0530

Enrichment analysis principle and clusterProfiler package for GO and KEGG enrichment analysis are described in detail

Concept: Gene enrichment analysis refers to cluster analysis of genes according to genome annotation information (GO, KEGG) for a given group of genes, that is, whether a given gene is a function in GO (or a pathway in KEGG). The purpose of gene function enrichment is to explain which functionsUTF-8...

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Python Data Analysis Notes

Reading Text Files Pandas reads the official document lookup address Input/Output — pandas 0.24.2 documentation (pydata.org) read_csv\read_table(filepath_or_buffer,sep='\t',header='infer',names=None,index_col=None,usecols=None,dtype=None,converters=None,skiprows=None,skipfooter=None,nrows=None,UTF-8...

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C + + Programming: Experiment 1 CMatrix class design and Implementation

preface In Experiment 1, the main content is the design and implementation of CMatrix class, including CMatrix.h, CMatrix.cpp and main.cpp. 1, Test requirements: 1. Constructor  CMatrix(): constructor without parameters;  CMatrix(int nRow, int nCol, double *pData=NULL): constructor with paramUTF-8...

Posted by Earnan on Fri, 08 Oct 2021 23:13:33 +0530

Basic learning of R language - objects and their patterns and attributes

object R is an object-based language. All variables, data, functions and their results are stored in the form of objects. All objects have two internal attributes: mode and length All elements of an object are of the same basic type. This object is called a simple object If all elements of an UTF-8...

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Implementation of differential gene analysis based on TCGA database

1. Data download 1.1 web page download 1.2 TCGABiolinks Download setwd("D:\Bioinformatics data analysis") if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("BiocManager") BiocManager::install("TCGAbiolinks") library(TCGAbiolinks) query

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ROS advanced function - rviz plugin mechanism

ROS advanced function - rviz plugin mechanism 1, Summary Rviz is an official 3D visualization tool of ROS. Almost all robot related data we need can be displayed in rviz. Of course, due to different requirements of robot systems, some existing functions in rviz still can not meet our needs. AtUTF-8...

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Educational Codeforces Round 116 (Rated for Div. 2) A.B.C

A.AB Balance thinking Main idea of the title: B A ( s ) BA(s) BA(s) represents in the string b a ba Number of ba, A B ( s ) AB(s) AB(s) represents in the string a b ab Quantity of ab. You can choose every time s s Replace one character in s with a , b a,b a. b. find the minimum number of operUTF-8...

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Java Tutorial - loop structure for parsing

All popular programming languages have circular statements. The circular statements used in JAVA are similar to those in C language, mainly including while, do while and for. Sequential program statements can only be executed once. If you want to perform the same operation multiple times, you UTF-8...

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