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The server has deployed the script of jd automatic sign-in and brushing beans before, and it feels good. The wool is about 1-2 meters per day, which can recover the server cost. However, the shortcomings are not easy to manage, and it will be cold if no one maintains it for a long time. I recently learned that the Qinglong panel can easily maintain this script. So deploy it.

qinglong panel introduction

Introduction: A scheduled task management panel that supports python3, javaScript, shell, and typescript

project address: https://github.com/whyour/qinglong

The project home page introduces the following functions:

  • Support multiple scripting languages ​​(python3, javaScript, shell, typescript)
  • Support online management scripts, environment variables, and configuration files
  • Support online viewing of task logs
  • Support second-level task settings
  • Support for system-level notifications
  • Support dark mode
  • Support mobile terminal operation

Pre-environment deployment

Finally, in order to facilitate maintenance, choose docker-compose to deploy. Dependent service deployment: docker, docker-compose, you can refer to the previous link: http://nebofeng.com/2022/12/17/docker%e6%9c%8d%e5%8a%a1%e8%bf%81%e7%a7%bb/

qinglong panel deployment

project address: https://github.com/whyour/qinglong

deployment command

mkdir qinglong
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/whyour/qinglong/master/docker/docker-compose.yml 

Official yml:

version: '2'
    image: whyour/qinglong:latest
      - ./data:/ql/data
      - ""
    restart: unless-stopped

start up

docker-compose up -d


docker-compose down

Dependency Library Subscription

proxy settings

In order to download the warehouse correctly, you need to set up the warehouse agent. After logging in to the Qinglong panel, enter the configuration file. Select config.sh and extra.sh
The additions are as follows:

Subscribe to Library Recommendations

Use: Copy the following recommendation library, then log in to the Qinglong panel, Subscription Management - New Subscription

KingRan library

ql repo https://github.com/KingRan/KR.git "jd_|jx_|jdCookie" "activity|backUp" "^jd[^_]|USER|utils|function|sign|sendNotify|ql|magic|JDJR"


ql repo https://github.com/shufflewzc/faker3.git "jd_|jx_|gua_|jddj_|jdCookie" "activity|backUp" "^jd[^_]|USER|function|utils|sendNotify|ZooFaker_Necklace.js|JDJRValidator_|sign_graphics_validate|ql|JDSignValidator" "main"

More other libraries can be searched by yourself

Use a plug-in to manually obtain JD_COOKIE (not recommended, need to be updated regularly)

Reference address: https://www.iculture.cc/knowledge/pig=14273
However, this method is not recommended, because cookies cannot be updated automatically.

JD scans the code to automatically obtain COOKIE (not recommended, new version verification failed)

Document address: https://github.com/oevery/ninja Time: 2022_12_22, verification failed. You can understand the process.

  1. Change the docker-compose configuration file of qinglong
version: '3'
    image: whyour/qinglong:latest
      - qldata:/ql/data
      - ""
      - ""
    restart: unless-stopped
  1. Execute the following command into the container
git clone https://github.com/MoonBegonia/ninja.git /ql/data/ninja
cd /ql/data/ninja/backend
pnpm install
pm2 start
cp sendNotify.js /ql/data/scripts/sendNotify.js
  1. Paste the following into extra.sh (automatically updates and starts Ninja after reboot)
cd /ql/data/ninja/backend
git checkout .
git pull
pnpm install
pm2 start
cp sendNotify.js /ql/data/scripts/sendNotify.js

wskey automatic conversion (verification passed: recommended)

Advantages: Timed tasks automatically expire cookie s without scanning codes.

Prepare the tools needed

Mobile app: Capture Genie
Qinglong panel: wskey conversion script



The difference is that the software is changed to Capture Packet Wizard.

new variable

Then capture the packet, search and copy it. The assignment format of the newly created variable JD_WSCK in the Qinglong panel is:
Multiple accounts can create multiple JD_WSCK variables with the same name.

The Qinglong panel adds conversion tasks

After obtaining WSCK, a task is required to convert JD_WSCK to JD_COOKIE
I am using this warehouse here: https://e.coding.net/HelloDNS/sign/wskey.git

increase dependence

Add a subscription task, check the log after running, prompt to add dependency requests
As shown below:

Create a new corresponding dependency.


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