Detailed explanation of Python regular expression (recommended collection!)

catalogue match Match string Single character matching . match any character \d match number \D matches non numbers \s matches special characters, such as white space, space, tab, etc \S match non blank \w matches words and characters, such as uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers_ UnderlineUTF-8...

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Fast Python: Get thread s and process es through

Get your python up fast As an interpretive language, Python has no precompilation and is slower than other programming languages. To make your python code faster, you can use threads, processes, and collaborations to speed it up. 1. Threads Threads: The smallest unit of CPU scheduling on a compUTF-8...

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[Python confessed 100%] I want to have a sweet love, and I look around and take off the orders one by one!!

Introduction Dear friends, tomorrow is national day? How many days are you taking off? With whom? Xiao Bian, as a single Wang, thought that as long as I didn't look at the calendar and brush my circle of friends, the national day would be an ordinary weekend! ‚Äč Who knows that girlfriends despisUTF-8...

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Reptile learning October

Reptile learning 1, Understand the operation steps of the crawler 1. First understand http requests 2. Understand URL 2, Learn to find the required url 1. First of all, I recommend that you use Google browser when looking for url Attached download address:

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Problems related to Pytorch gradient: calculation diagram, with torch.no_grad(),zero_grad() and backward()

Since it involves gradients, I have to talk about requirements first_ grad. import torch with torch.no_grad() and requires_grad Let's do the following questions first: a=torch.tensor([1.1]) print(a.requires_grad) #The answer is? a=torch.tensor([1.1],requires_grad=True) b=a*2 print(b.requires_gUTF-8...

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[python] use pygame to make a simple aircraft war game

import pygame import random # Set title, background, and Icon pygame.init () screen = pygame.display.set_mode ( (800 , 600) ) pygame.display.set_caption ( 'Aircraft war BETA' ) icon = pygame.image.load ( 'fly.png' ) pygame.display.set_icon ( icon ) # Set up pictures of background, players, enemUTF-8...

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Magic function__ dict__ And__ getattr__ The wonderful use of

__dict__ __ dict__ Is a dictionary used to store object attributes. Its key is the attribute name and its value is the value of the attribute. Since__ dict__ It's a dictionary, so we can use the attributes of the dictionary. Let's see by using the dir() attribute__ dict__ What attributes do thUTF-8...

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Tutorial of SWPU pre team contest (2021)

Tutorial of SWPU Pre-teammate Contest ( 2021 ) The competition question is still open, click SWPU Pre-teammate Contest ( 2021 ) Questions can be answered. A. Hello ACM ! Inspired by Luogu P1000 super Mary game The earliest goal is to hope that everyone can pass the question. As a result, there UTF-8...

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[image rain removal] dcsfn: deep cross scale fusion network for single image rainremoval

Code address: GitHub - Ohraincu/DCSFN: DCSFN: Deep Cross-scale Fusion Network for Single Image Rain RemovalDCSFN: Deep Cross-scale Fusion Network for Single Image Rain Removal - GitHub - Ohraincu/DCSFN: DCSFN: Deep Cross-scale Fusion Network for Single Image Rain Removal

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Reinforcement learning in game development

summary TODO Based on probability TODO Based on value Q-Learning (offline learning) Step by step: Don't bother with Python Q-Learning principle sketch In a certain environment, if a Player wants to know whether the Action of his current State is correct or not, it needs to be fed back by the eUTF-8...

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