Python learning clock in the second day

Today's learning content: 1. File mode ​​​​​ x mode (mode of controlling file operation) - Understanding x. Write only mode [unreadable; create if it does not exist, and report an error if it exists] b mode supplement (mode for controlling file reading and writing content) bytes type conversionUTF-8...

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[DataWhale data analysis] Chapter 3 model establishment and evaluation - Evaluation - Course

Chapter III model building and evaluation - Evaluation According to the modeling of the previous model, we know how to use the sklearn library to complete the modeling, as well as the division of the data set we know. So how do we know if a model works? So that we can safely use the results givUTF-8...

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Convolution image filtering in OpenCV

Have you ever tried blurring or sharpening an image with the help of Photoshop or a mobile app? If so, you have used convolution kernels. Here, we will explain how to use convolution for image filtering in OpenCV. You will use 2d convolution kernel and OpenCV computer vision library to apply diUTF-8...

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Image threshold in OpenCV Foundation

Thresholding has many applications in computer vision and is usually performed in the initial stages of many processing pipelines. There are several types of threshold algorithms. Let's focus on the "global" threshold. The article includes the following parts: 1. Global threshold method2. BinarUTF-8...

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Machine learning_ linear regression

XDU machine learning first job 1, Linear regression Regression problem is a very common problem. The purpose is to find the relationship between variables. For example, we should look for the relationship between house area and price, the relationship between age and height, the relationship bUTF-8...

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0x0a -- Django -- model introduction -- 10 -- QuerySet -- execute query

0x00 - execute query (Manager) We need to know that QuerySet is based on Manager of Manager is an interface that gives the Django model the ability to manipulate databases. Each model in the Django application has at least one manager. Once the data model is created, Django automatically givesUTF-8...

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Great Wall Cup baby_rsa problem solving

from Crypto.Util.number import * from secret import flag, v1, v2, m1, m2 def enc_1(val): p, q = pow(v1, (m1+1))-pow((v1+1), m1), pow(v2, (m2+1))-pow((v2+1), m2) assert isPrime(p) and isPrime(q) and ( p*q).bit_length() == 2048 and q < p < q

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Ten thousand word long article explains in detail the Python data analysis tool Pandas and its comparison with SQL

preface As one of the most important libraries for data analysis in Python, Pandas can help us easily start data analysis. In this article, I will summarize some basic concepts and operation syntax of Pandas in detail. At the same time, I will also make a simple comparison between Pandas and SQUTF-8...

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Preparation before vim becomes IDE

Environment required before configuring nvim IDE: gitpython3nvim+pynvimnode.jsrangerunzip For the installation methods of different distributions, this article can be used as a help manual. Just find the part you need. CentOS7 Automatic installation script Because I use CentOS7 most, I directlyUTF-8...

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deeplearning.24Tensorflow deep learning framework

Explore tensorflow preparation Use pycharm to create a new project, then create a file, and download the basic data required for this work to the project folder. ( Download link). Import related libraries import numpy as np import h5py import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import tensorflow asUTF-8...

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