Linux speed start

This article mainly records the entry-level basic operation methods in Linux, and arranges the basic Linux operation statements File view pwd lists the path of the current directory and views the current directory [root@localhost ~]# pwd /root ~Represents the user's home directory ls lists allUTF-8...

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Blue whale CMDB deployment notes

System introduction Tencent blue whale smart cloud system is composed of platform level products and general SaaS services. The platform includes control platform, configuration platform, operation platform, data platform, container management platform, mining platform, PaaS platform, mobile pUTF-8...

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Centos8 server configures the pits stepped by internal and external networks

Using server DEll R440 1, Server network troubleshooting: 1. One end of the network cable is directly connected to the school router, and the other end is connected to its own notebook 2. Being able to access the Internet means that there is no problem with the router port and network cable 2.1UTF-8...

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Debian10 creates network disk and PT

There is a large hard disk independent machine, which uses the reverse agents of NextCloud, Transmission, Plex and NGINX to toss PT and network disk. Turn on BBR Modify system variables echo "net.core.default_qdisc=fq" >> /etc/sysctl.conf echo "net.ipv4.tcp_congestion_control=bbr" >> /etc/sysctUTF-8...

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Jedis remote connection to redis server error resolution

An error was reported when using jedis to remotely connect to redis today: redis.clients.jedis.exceptions.JedisConnectionException: Failed connecting to host The connection failed. It is found on the Internet that it is related to a configuration in the configuration file, UTF-8...

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CentOS7 expanding disk capacity in VMware ESXi

1, View mount point information [root@localhost]# df -h The display is as follows: File system capacity used available used% Mount point /dev/mapper/centos-root 36G 36G 20K 100% / ...... Next, expand the root mount point 2, Expand VMWare hard disk space First, you need to shut down the operatiUTF-8...

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Monitoring service zabbix deployment

Monitoring service zabbix deployment zabbix introduction zabbix is an enterprise class open source solution based on WEB interface to provide distributed system monitoring and network monitoring functions. zabbix can monitor various network parameters to ensure the safe operation of the server UTF-8...

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Daemon - use of Supervisor

Supervisor daemon tool explain Supervisor is a client/server service developed in Python. It is a process management tool under Linux/Unix system and does not support Windows system. It can easily monitor, start, stop and restart one or more processes. For a process managed by supervisor, when UTF-8...

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Summary of basic operation practice and main knowledge points of Kubernetes cluster deployment

Introduction to Kubernetes Google's open source container automation management tool, continuous deployment toolK8s, abbreviation, i.e. there are 8 letters between K and s.i18n´╝îinternationalizationKubeCluster construction is very complex: Build a cluster with one click:

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RHCSA-B1. Crack and modify the root password

Red hat RHCE exam am - RHCSA (RH134) task 1. Change the root password If you can't break the password, you can't enter the system, and the exam will hang up Task requirements Set the root password of serverb to 123.You need system access to do this Complete step On the navigUTF-8...

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