Long and short connections

https://juejin.cn/post/6844903609138692110 This article refers to: HTTP long and short connectionsThe difference between TCP(HTTP) long connection and short connection and how to maintain long connectionDifferences between http, TCP/IP protocol and socket (recommended reading)Three handshakes aUTF-8...

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❤ 20000 words take you into the python crawler requests library, the most complete in history!! ❤ ️

1, Introduction to requests Library Requests It is a simple and elegant design for human beings HTTP Library. requests The library is a native HTTP Library, which is easier to use than urllib3 library. requests Library send native HTTP 1.1 Request, no need to manually URL Adding a query string UTF-8...

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Fix SSL Certificate Problem FAQ

In the development process, use curl Make a request or git When cloning a remote warehouse, you may often encounter some errors related to https certificates. We have sorted out some common errors and the summary of solutions to keep them updated. You are also welcome to provide other better soUTF-8...

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137-TCP comprehensive case

1. Case analysis of file upload requirement analysis Note the different colors of local flow and network flow here 2. File upload case client code implementation The client of the file upload case: read the local file, upload it to the server, and then read the data written back by the server tUTF-8...

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Second HCIP Experiment

Requirement: 1.R4 is an ISP. Only IP addresses can be configured on it. Use public IP between R4 and all other directly connected devices; 2. All three ways of resolving ospf irregular areas should be used 3. The entire OSPF environment IP address is Process 100 using

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Kubernetes -- network routing principle

1, Routing Linux system includes a complete routing function. When the IP layer processes data sending or forwarding, it will use the routing table to decide where to send it. Under normal circumstances, if the host is directly connected with the destination host, the host can directly send IP UTF-8...

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Talk about four thread pools

Transferred from: Micro reading https://www.weidianyuedu.com First, let's take a look at the code for obtaining four thread pools: ExecutorService fixedThreadPool = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(10); ExecutorService cachedThreadPool = Executors.newCachedThreadPool(); ExecutorService scheduledThrUTF-8...

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2, Factory mode

1, Simple factory mode Simple factory pattern, also known as static factory method pattern, is responsible for creating instances of other classes by specifically defining a class. The created instances usually have a common parent class. public abstract class Operation { public abstract float UTF-8...

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TCP file transfer based on thread pool and openssl encryption

Main function part In the main function, complete the initialization of thread pool, socket, SSL encryption algorithm library and the loading of encryption algorithm. After completing the initialization of these tasks, wait for the access of the client in the while () loop. Once there is clienUTF-8...

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Network type of OSPF

OSPF network type Principle overview: OSPF protocol defines four different network types, namely Broadcast Network (also known as broadcast network), nBMA (non broadcast multi access) network, Point-to-Point network (also known as Point-to-Point network, or P2P network) and Point-to-Multipoint UTF-8...

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