JD Dai hang + XDD plus robot configuration


Learn from the tutorials of many bosses and modify them

Alibaba cloud → Purchase address

Tencent cloud can also → Purchase address

Don't want to build a car recommended by bloggers on the group → Click to enter the group

1, Server selection

Select a lightweight application server (take Alibaba cloud as an example below)

  Image here, select the system image -- CentOS 7.6

After purchasing the server, click firewall

  Click Add Rule in the upper right corner to open 5700 8080 port

2, Download FinalShell connection server

Search FinalShell directly from your browser and download it

  Top right corner X off




Just fill in the name here

The host is your server ip address

The user name is root

The password is the server password you set yourself (note that it is not the alicloud login password)

That's about it after the connection

  That's what the preparatory work is like

3, Start building

1. Install docker and set startup and self startup (one command is input one by one)

sudo yum check-update
curl -sSL https://get.daocloud.io/docker | sh
sudo systemctl start docker
sudo systemctl status docker
sudo systemctl enable docker 

2. Pull the image of Qinglong

docker pull whyour/qinglong:latest

Create container

docker run -dit \
   -v $PWD/ql/config:/ql/config \
   -v $PWD/ql/log:/ql/log \
   -v $PWD/ql/db:/ql/db \
   -v $PWD/ql/repo:/ql/repo \
   -v $PWD/ql/raw:/ql/raw \
   -v $PWD/ql/scripts:/ql/scripts \
   -v $PWD/ql/jbot:/ql/jbot \
   -p 5700:5700 \
   --name qinglong \
   --hostname qinglong \
   --restart unless-stopped \

At this point, the green dragon panel has been created

Enter your server IP + in the browser: 5700 to enter the panel

The initial account is admin

The password is admin

3. Construction of XDD plus

Download and install go

cd /usr/local && wget https://golang.google.cn/dl/go1.16.7.linux-amd64.tar.gz -O go1.16.7.linux-amd64.tar.gz


tar -xvzf go1.16.7.linux-amd64.tar.gz

Setting environment variables

Manually open the etc/profile file, add the following code to the last line of the file, save and exit

export GO111MODULE=on
export GOPROXY=https://goproxy.cn
export GOROOT=/usr/local/go
export GOPATH=/usr/local/go/path
export PATH= P A T H : PATH: PATH:GOROOT/bin:$GOPATH/bin

Execute source

source /etc/profile


go env 

Wait for the installation to complete

Install git

wget http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpm

rpm -ivh epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpm

yum install -y git

Pull xdd Library

cd ~ && git clone https://ghproxy.com/https://github.com/84227871/xdd-plus.git

Compile XDD plus

cd xdd-plus
go build

Run it again


When it comes to updating the user agent

Press Ctrl+C to stop, and then modify the configuration file (very important)

!!! Manually modify the root / XDD plus / conf / config.yaml file

mode: balance #Mode balance, parallel
  - address: http://Xxxxxxxxx: 5700 #ip address
    username: xxxxx #Qinglong account
    password: xxxxx #Qinglong password
    cid: xxxxxx #Qinglong panel application settings
    secret: xxxxxxxx #Qinglong panel application settings
    weigth: 1 #In the weight balance mode, the higher the weight, the more ck you get. The default value is 1
    mode: balance ##Set the mode of the container separately
    limit: 9999 ##Limit the number of containers
AtTime:  #If the number between 1-12 is filled in incorrectly, the default value is 10 o'clock, which is prone to peak timeout.
IsHelp:   #Fill in true or false
IsOldV4: #Fill in "true" or "false" or "false" to confirm whether it is a new version or an old version of V4
Wskey: # Fill in the blank. By default, wskey conversion is disabled. Fill in true
IsAddFriend: #Fill in true or false
Lim: #Fill in 1-N to represent the limited number of times
Tyt: #Fill in 1-N to represent the mutual assistance value required for push. The default value is 8
Later: #Delay to prevent Black IP is set by yourself. The default is 60. If you are not afraid of black, change it to 1. The unit is seconds
theme: /root/xdd-plus/theme/admin.html #Custom theme, supporting local and network paths
static: ./static #Static files are convenient for importing css, js and other files when customizing QR code pages
master: xxxxxx #XDD plus background password
database: /root/xdd-plus/.xdd.db
resident: jd_xxxxx #In the balanced mode, all containers share the same account pin, and multiple are spliced with '&'.
TGURL: #fill in TG Proxy address reference https://www.kejiwanjia.com/server/5221.html#3worker
qquid: xxxxxx #Large size for receiving notifications
qqgid: xxxxxx #qq group number
qbot_public_mode: true #qq robot group chat mode, default private chat mode
no_ghproxy: false
  - git: https://github.com/shufflewzc/faker2.git

Exit after saving and run again


Conduct robot code scanning

Set silent run

./xdd -d
nohup ./xdd &

4, Qinglong panel pull script tutorial

1. Add Scheduled Task

2. Pull warehouse

ql repo https://ghproxy.com/https://github.com/shufflewzc/faker3.git "jd_|jx_|gua_|jddj_|getJDCookie" "activity|backUp" "^jd[^_]|USER|function|utils|sendnotify|ZooFaker_Necklace.js|JDJRValidator_Pure|sign_graphics_validate|ql"

  This is a commonly used faker warehouse

Timing rule 0 * * (run at 0:00 every day and update automatically)

3. Mandatory dependency

Open the final shell tool and enter the following command (the process is a little slow)

docker exec -it QL bash -c "npm install -g typescript"
docker exec -it QL bash -c "npm install axios date-fns"
docker exec -it QL bash -c "npm install crypto -g"
docker exec -it QL bash -c "npm install jsdom"
docker exec -it QL bash -c "npm install png-js"
docker exec -it QL bash -c "npm install -g npm"
docker exec -it QL bash -c "pnpm i png-js"
docker exec -it QL bash -c "pip3 install requests"
docker exec -it QL bash -c "apk add --no-cache build-base g++ cairo-dev pango-dev giflib-dev && cd scripts && npm install canvas --build-from-source"
docker exec -it QL bash -c "apk add python3 zlib-dev gcc jpeg-dev python3-dev musl-dev freetype-dev"
docker exec -it QL bash -c "cd /ql/scripts/ && apk add --no-cache build-base g++ cairo-dev pango-dev giflib-dev && npm i && npm i -S ts-node typescript @types/node date-fns axios png-js canvas --build-from-source"

Wait patiently for the installation to complete, and you can start to be unrestrained!!!

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