Java learning Day3 -- type conversion and variables, constants and scopes

Type conversion Because Java is a strongly typed language, type conversion is required for some operations In the operation, different types of data are first converted to the same type, and then the operation is performed Cast type Automatic type conversion public class Demo05{ public static vUTF-8...

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Java local cache - LoadingCache

1, Usage scenario The role of cache is self-evident, which is to improve query efficiency. Local cache is a way to obtain resources by using space for time. For example, we maintain a ConcurrentMap to realize the simplest local cache, but we need to make some cache strategies, such as cache expUTF-8...

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The definition and use of Java annotations and the enhancement of annotations by spring

1, What is annotation? Annotation is an enhancement of code. You can obtain annotation information during code compilation or code running, and then do some targeted things according to this information 2, Define annotation 2.1 syntax The classes and interfaces related to annotations in the jdUTF-8...

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Java spring - quick start to using

1. Overview spring-5.0.1 official document 2. XML and XSD 2.1 XML

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Can you only use Maven for project construction? It's time to try a new way~~~

In our daily work, project construction tools are essential. Common Java project construction tools include Ant, Maven and Gradle. They can help us automatically complete some project construction work, such as compilation, packaging, deployment and dependency management. They also provide richUTF-8...

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Java NIO programming 2021SC@SDUSC

2021SC@SDUSC Basic introduction to Java NIO The full name of Java NIO is java non blocking IO, which refers to the new API provided by JDK. Starting from JDK1.4, Java has provided a series of improved input / output new features, collectively referred to as NiO (New IO), which are synchronous aUTF-8...

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java network programming

1. Introduction to computer network 1. Software architecture mspaint C/S structure: the full name is Client/Server, which refers to the structure of client and server. The common ones are QQ, Baidu network disk, etc B/S structure: the full name is Browser/Server structure, which refers to the sUTF-8...

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Java process control statement!

1, Bitwise and ternary operators 1. Bitwise operator Use complement for multiple data to calculate the operation result 2. Basic bitwise operators Bit and &: 0 if there is 0 Bit or |: if there is 1, then 1 Bit exclusive or ^: 0 if the same, 1 if different Inverse code ~: reverse by bit, all 0 cUTF-8...

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SpringCloud Micro Services Actual 7 - SpringCloud Alibaba Sentinel Fuse and Limit Current

1. Introduction to Sentinel 1. What is Sentinel Official website: Chinese wiki: Hystrix, which we explained earlier, also demotes and fuses, but has the following drawbacks: We need our programmers UTF-8...

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Multithreading Technology

Multithreading Technology Summary Threads and Processes Process: An application that runs in memory and each process has a separate memory space thread Is an execution path in a process that shares a memory space where threads can switch between each other and execute concurrently. A process haUTF-8...

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