Introduction and use of Spring AOP

04introduction and use of spring AOP AOP: Aspect Oriented Programming OOP: Object Oriented Programming Aspect oriented programming: Based on the new programming idea based on OOP, the main object oriented by OOP is class, while the main object oriented by AOP is aspect, which plays a very imporUTF-8...

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Technical aspects of Java Development Engineer (Hash consistency algorithm)

1, Usage scenario: 1. Use of Redis cluster: To ensure Redis High availability, improved Redis Read and write performance, the simplest way---Master slave copy, form Master-Master(Main mode)perhaps Master-Slave(Master-slave mode)Form, or build stand Redis Cluster is used for data read-write sepUTF-8...

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Encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism of three features in Java

catalogue 1, Encapsulation 1. Introduction of package 2. Concept of packaging: 3. Access qualifier (1) How to encapsulate in Java (2) Code validation access (3) About how to use modifier encapsulation 3. Use of packaged packages (1) Package introduction (2) Package concept (3) Use of self-contaUTF-8...

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Java basic class: ArrayUtils tool class

catalogue 1. Introducing pom dependency 2. Methods in ArrayUtils: 3. Examples 1. Introducing pom dependency org.apache.commons commons-lang3 3.11

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The third of the front three swordsmen -- a summary after learning JavaScript

JavaScript language history ‚óŹ JavaScript is a script language developed by Netscape company (Netscape company of the United States), which is composed of The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, low requirements for users' own knowledge level and easy to learn UTF-8...

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EL expression tutorial

1, EL expression Full name of EL expression: Expression Language EL expression function: replace the expression script in JSP page to output data EL expressions are much simpler than JSP expression scriptsThe format of EL expression is ${expression}. Note: EL expression is written in jsp page.UTF-8...

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Spring MVC - configuration of interceptors - use of interceptors - detailed explanation of interceptors - execution process of multiple interceptors

1. Function of interceptor The interceptor of Spring MVC is similar to the Filter in Servlet development, which is used to preprocess and post process the processor. The interceptors are connected into a chain in a certain order, which is called Interceptor Chain. When accessing the interceptedUTF-8...

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java exception overview

catalogue 1, What is an exception 2, Exception architecture 3, Exception handling mechanism 4, Custom exception 1, What is an exception In actual work, the situation encountered can not be very perfect. For example, for a module you write, the user input does not necessarily meet your requiremeUTF-8...

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Junit5 introduction and common test notes

Junit5 introduction and common test notes Spring boot has introduced JUnit 5 as the default library for unit testing since version 2.2.0. However, starting with versions above 2.4, the default dependency on Vintage (that is, modules compatible with JUnit 4 and JUnit 3) has been removed. If we UTF-8...

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Xi - IO flow

1, File abstract class Abstract representation of file and directory pathnames. The File or folder or path represented by the File class does not necessarily exist. This class is mainly used for: Creation and deletion of filesCreation and deletion of folders 1. Relative / absolute path object UTF-8...

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