Getting started with Nginx (not involving installation)

Getting started with Nginx (not involving installation) Installation, please see: not written yet 1. What is nginx Lightweight web server software ps: don't worry about a bunch of messy prefixes. Don't worry about a bunch of extensions that can't be used now and may not be used in the future. WUTF-8...

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Preparation before vim becomes IDE

Environment required before configuring nvim IDE: gitpython3nvim+pynvimnode.jsrangerunzip For the installation methods of different distributions, this article can be used as a help manual. Just find the part you need. CentOS7 Automatic installation script Because I use CentOS7 most, I directlyUTF-8...

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POI operation, Excel import and export, template printing, tool encapsulation, million data OOM solution

1, Excel and POI overview At present, excel in the world is divided into two major versions, Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 Distinguishing pointsExcel2003Excel2007suffixxlsxlsxstructureBinary format, whose core structure is the structure of composite document typeXML type structureSingle sheet dataUTF-8...

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Using matplotlib to draw a beautiful multi subgraph experimental result analysis diagram

Using matplotlib to draw a beautiful multi subgraph experimental result analysis diagram this paper mainly summarizes my recent scientific research experience. When I finally wrote the experimental analysis of the paper, I was asked by my tutor to draw a 2 * 8 16 subgraph hyperparametric analysUTF-8...

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MyBatis reverse engineering Generator and IDE Plugin

reverse engineering mybatis reverse engineering is used to automatically generate entity classes, mapping files, and interfaces according to the table structure in the database. Contrary to hibernate's automatic table creation. jar packages required for reverse engineering: mybatis-3.2.3.jarmybUTF-8...

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Introduction to PlantUML drawing software

In my daily work, I often encounter the need to draw sequence diagram and flow chart. When the requirements are not high, we can choose tools such as ProcessOn and Xmind to draw, but sometimes it may be more efficient to draw with code. After all, there is nothing more familiar with code than pUTF-8...

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Learn java from scratch and learn records

java learning from scratch, daily learning notes. Day 1 ~~ java learning starts with jdk: Since oracle download requires login, you can download it here Classic java8 Click to send (it is recommended not to change the default download location. If you change the address, you will suffer a loUTF-8...

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The SpringBoot project is deployed to the docker environment

idea manual deployment 1. Create a springboot project 1.1 POM.xml

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Dynamic memory error detection sharp tool ASan

ASan, Address Sanitizer, is a dynamic memory error detector for c/c++ programs. It consists of a compiler detection module (LLVM pass) and a runtime library that replaces malloc functions. It is better than Valgrind in performance and memory error detection. You deserve it. 1. Suitable PlatformUTF-8...

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Calculation of ring ratio and N kinds of posture year-on-year

When doing data analysis, we often hear the concepts of year-on-year and month on month. When publishing statistical data, enterprises and organizations usually like to compare the previous historical data with the year-on-year and month on month data to illustrate the changes of the data. For UTF-8...

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