30,000-word Java web tutorial

1. Basic concepts 1.1. Preface web development: Web, the meaning of the web page, www.baidu.comStatic web html,cssThe data available to everyone will never change! Dynamic web Taobao, almost all websites;The data available to everyone will always change, and everyone will see different informUTF-8...

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Deep Canvas: basic 2D API

Deep Canvas: basic 2D API text 1. Basic 2D API overview 1.1 Canvas label Width indicates the pixel widthHeight indicates the pixel height 1.2 rendering context getContext methodThe parameter 2D represents the context in which the 2d renderiUTF-8...

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HTML5 common tags

1, Text mark 1. Title mark Syntax format of title tag: Title Text

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HTML&&CSS (simple form tagging)

Basic properties of form labels input type = "text" text input box value sets default display content HTML &&CSS User name: iUTF-8...

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C# wpf ScrollBar Custom Details

Preface 1. Composition of the ScrollBar The ScrollBar consists of six parts. Two row buttons, two page buttons, a slider, and a track. 1. Vertical scrollbar A simple vertical scrollbar is as follows: The vertical scrolling consists of the following: 2. Horizontal scrollbar The same is true forUTF-8...

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Layui frame: grid layout rules for layui

1. Divide the layui area Layui container: the container of the layui framework, which is similar to the container of flex layout. // Divide an area on the web page, which specifically uses the layout module of layui Floating elements are not allowed above anUTF-8...

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[test open learning] - JS learning

JS Foundation Introduction to JavaScript JavaScript is a lightweight programming language, a scripting language JavaScript is programming code that can be inserted into HTML pages JavaScript can control the structure and style of HTML pages JavaScript usage There are three writing positions foUTF-8...

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The process of sending mail using nodemailer in the front end, stepping on the pit and problem solving

1. Version and problems When I use nodejs and Vue to build the front-end interface, I want to directly implement the function of sending mail in one interface. Therefore, I wanted to reduce the trouble at that time. I directly introduced the nodemailer package into the Vue project, and then a UTF-8...

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HTML input type

The input type of the < input > element. Input type: text < input type = "text" > define single line input fields for text input: example First name: Last name: Try it yourself The above HTML coUTF-8...

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2021-10-19 big data learning log - data embedding point + web crawler - Introduction to front-end development

01_Web development Learning objectives: Simply understand the classification of application development: desktop applications and Web applications 1.1 desktop application development Desktop application development is a basic traditional software development method. It is a software system baseUTF-8...

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