You must see the detailed explanation of the use of slots in Vue!

1. Introduction Slot is a placeholder provided to the parent component in the child component. It is represented by < slot > < / slot >. The parent component can fill any template code in this placeholder, such as HTML, component, etc. the filled content will replace the < slot > < / slot > tagUTF-8...

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Learning notes | HTML -- head tag about HTML (404 interface example)

Previous article: Learning notes | basic HTML structure and basic Tags - the first step in front-end learning! As we know, in HTML language, a page consists of four parts: Document declaration: html tag pair: < html >Head tag pair: < head >Body tag pair: < body > In the head tagUTF-8...

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Mobile web effects

1. Touch screen events 1. Overview of touch screen events The mobile terminal has good compatibility, without considering the compatibility of JS. The mobile terminal has its own unique features, such as touch (also known as touch event), Android and iOS The touch object represents a touch poinUTF-8...

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web front end R &amp; D practice -- learning notes

catalogue HTML Basics (1) Use of elements 1.0 element summary 1.1. Empty element 1.2. Virtual element (2) Element attribute 2.0 applying multiple attributes to an element 2.1 Boolean attributes & custom attributes (3) Create HTML document 3.0 outer structure 3.1 metadata 3.2 contents 3.3. ParenUTF-8...

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HTML+CSS learning notes

HTML 1, Quick start vscode new file, save as, demo.html, input in English!, Press enter, or copy the following code, click save, and right-click open in default browser

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Introduction to CSS (Introduction to basic knowledge)

1, What is CSS Cascading style sheets (English full name: Cascading Style Sheets) is a computer language used to represent file styles such as HTML (an application of Standard General Markup Language) or XML (a subset of Standard General Markup Language). CSS can not only modify the web page sUTF-8...

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css high frequency practical tips

Use drop shadow to add single and multiple shadows to some contents of elements .setCss { width: 300px; height: 300px; background: #000; padding: 32px } .round{ --colorA: #fff; position: relative; margin: auto; width: 200px; height: 200px; bUTF-8...

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Gourmet Heroes, in the complete recipe components, the effect of the fragmented components

This is the third introductory article about the project and its effect! The first two articles can be viewed on my home page. If you do not know how to inform me in time. Let's talk about this effect below. First, the picture above, so you can understand it! All of these are the results we wanUTF-8...

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[cloud storage] use qiniu cloud storage to upload files

[preface] According to the project requirements, the image storage function needs to be realized. The following is a common implementation scheme of image storage. After research, qiniu cloud storage is selected. The following describes how to use it. [text] (1) Register qiniu cloud account OfUTF-8...

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What is TypeScript and the benefits of its features

Properties of TypeScript What is TypeScript? TypeScript is JavaScript with a type system added, which is suitable for projects of any size.TypeScript is a statically typed, weakly typed language.TypeScript is fully JavaScript compatible and does not modify JavaScript runtime features.TypeScriptUTF-8...

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