css learning record

1. What is CSS Cascading Style Sheet cascading style sheet CSS: presentation (beautify web pages) Font, color, margin, height, width, background image, web page positioning, web page floating.... 2.css specification 3.CSS import 4. Selector 4.1 basic selector The priority does not follow the prUTF-8...

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Summary of JavaScript (Chapter 1)

JavaScript Summary day1 This set of summary notes is mainly for students who have studied other advanced languages, because I omitted some of the same grammatical functions as the advanced ones! If you go into detail, the main functions of JS will be relied on before they are involved. This serUTF-8...

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js implementation of pot beating Grey Wolf

catalogue thinking 1, Layout 2, Achieve gray wolf up animation 3, Achieve gray wolf down 4, Achieve random hole effect 5, Implement click events and calculate scores 6, Implementation cover 7, Implementation progress bar 8, Implementation restart thinking Wrap each hole in a box, then give the UTF-8...

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CSS basic learning

1, Role of CSS Style HTML tags in a page 2, Syntax rules for CSS CSS is written in the < style > tag, < style > tag is written in the < head > tag, < head > in the < title >. selector{ CSS Properties of } 3, CSS introduction method 1. Embedded WrUTF-8...

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vue sub route jump implementation tab

At present, many background management systems adopt the layout of tab. The navigation bar is fixed on the left and the corresponding page is on the right. Each time you click the navigation title on the left, only the corresponding page on the right will switch. vue wants to do the tab. It is UTF-8...

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Function anti chattering and throttling

1. What is function anti shake? The so-called anti shake means that the function can only be executed once in n seconds after the event is triggered. If the event is triggered again in n seconds, the function execution time will be recalculated. The anti shake function is divided into non immeUTF-8...

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what? Is anti shake throttling such a simple thing?

Explanation of personal views on anti shake throttling 1, Cognition of anti shake throttling I think the anti shake throttle: Actual anti shake throttling: Please look down for details 2, I'm getting serious -------------------Anti shake------------------- First, let's look at a question: The UTF-8...

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Software testing system learning and construction - HTML text formatting, links, headers, CSS

1 text formatting 1.1 text formatting labels Use some labels to format text, such as bold, italic, etc. such labels are called text formatting labels.The following common text formatting labels are: labelexplainDefine bold textDefine accent textDefine italicsDefine small font

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Using HTML5 classList to manipulate class names in JS

Using HTML5 classList to manipulate class names in JS preface Today, I encountered a demand that CSS animation should be triggered every time I click. However, according to past experience (detours), if a CSS animation is triggered once, it will not play again if it is not changed next time ForUTF-8...

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Solve the problem of inaccurate position of rotation chart caused by vertical scrolling

Abnormal rotation chart caused by vertical scrolling preface Today, when writing the mobile page, the demand is to make a page sliding effect. I first wrote a demo. There is no problem. I solved the problem of page sliding with touchstart,touchmove and touchend, and then it runs well! Then we bUTF-8...

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