Hadoop standalone installation

The installation process of hadoop stand-alone version is as follows: Create a user to manage hadood (you can create a new user or use an existing user)Install and configure ssh password free loginInstalling the Java environmentDownload hadoop and configure environment variablesConfigure the reUTF-8...

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Hadoop Learning Notes - Environment setup, step by step, starting with creating a Linux system!

Hadoop environment (for learning purposes only, please specify the source for reprinting) Running environment: VMWare, CentOS7, JDK1.8, Hadoop2.7.3 A download address for the package is provided at the end of the article. 1.Creating a Linux System with VMware Click File-New Virtual Machine-DefaUTF-8...

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Apache Hadoop Linux Installation and deployment

Hadoop introduction Hadoop is an open source software framework implemented in java language under Apache. It is a software platform for developing and running large-scale data processing. It allows distributed processing of large data sets on a large number of computer clusters using a simple UTF-8...

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MapReduce of big data

MapReduce brief introduction MapReduce is a programming framework for distributed computing programs and the core framework for users to develop "Hadoop based data analysis applications". advantage 1) MapReduce is easy to program By simply implementing some interfaces, it can complete a distribUTF-8...

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Detailed explanation of HDFS distributed file system of 04 Hadoop

HDFS details 1, HDFS overview 1.1 definition of HDFS HDFS (Hadoop distribution file system), which is a file system used to store files and locate files through the directory tree; Secondly, it is distributed, and many servers cooperate to realize its functions. The servers in the cluster have UTF-8...

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[Hadoop] HDFS HA high availability

1. HA overview 1) The so-called HA (high availability), that is, high availability (7 * 24-hour uninterrupted service). 2) The key strategy to achieve high availability is to eliminate single point of failure. Strictly speaking, ha should be divided into HA mechanisms of various components: haUTF-8...

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HBase-2.4.6 installation tutorial with common error resolution

I use jdk1.8.0 here_ 301 + hadoop-3.3.1 + zookeeper-3.6.3 + hbase-2.4.6 Different versions may not be compatible. You can check the compatibility on the official website http://hbase.apache.org/book.html#_preface I have three virtual machines here, Hadoop 102, Hadoop 103 and Hadoop 104 1. NormaUTF-8...

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2021SC@SDUSC hadoop source code analysis

2021SC@SDUSC This time, I will analyze the Configuration part in the common part of hadoop Firstly, the Configuration class implements the Writable and a lterable interfaces, so that hadoop can traverse and serialize itself Configure related file formats

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Hive principle and practice: hive basic concept and installation

1. Basic concepts of hive Hive is a data warehouse tool based on Hadoop, which maps structured data into a table and provides SQL like query function. It can be understood here that it is based on Hadoop. It can convert SQL like statements (HQL supported by hive) into MapReduce tasks to run, sUTF-8...

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I read zookeeper source code series 1

1, Preparatory work 1. zookeeper version 01,zookeeper-3.4.x Enterprises are most commonly used, and big data technology components are most commonly used, basically maintained at 3.4.5 3.4.6 3.4.7 These versions 02,zookeeper-3.5.x 03,zookeeper-3.6.x 04,zookeeper-3.7.x Note to the source code prUTF-8...

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