Is Go - an object-oriented language?

preface This article represents bloggers to officially start learning and using Go. In their previous work, they mainly used a dynamic, interpretive and object-oriented language. Yes, you guessed right! It's PHP. Go is a compiled static language. It is doubtful whether it is object-oriented desUTF-8...

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An article deals with the Gin framework

preface Installation: go get -u Import: Import "GitHub. COM / gin Gonic / gin" Auxiliary package: import "net/http" (used when using status code such as http.StatusOK) Note: according to Official website Tip: you need a Go language compiler of 1.13 or above to use the UTF-8...

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Talking about Golang Format Printing

Preface Whether it's for debugging or whatever. We often need to print the structure or some value in our work. A pretty print format can bring us a good mood. The key is to improve the efficiency of our debugging, and see where the problem is. So how can we print? Let's start with a structure:UTF-8...

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Go -- strconv Standard Library

The strconv package in the Go language converts the basic data types to and from their string representations. func main() { // String type data cannot be strongly converted to string type directly using int. When input data is passed into string(), it is recognized as a character correspondinUTF-8...

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Read the mutex source code of go mutex

1 Introduction Mutex is a basic means of concurrency control. It is a concurrency control mechanism established to avoid competition. In short, it is to control concurrency For example, can we get the results we want below? func main() { sum :=0 var w sync.WaitGroup for i:=0;i

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GRPC: use Buf to quickly compile GRPC proto files

introduce Users who have used GRPC should know that the protocol buffer file needs to use the relevant command line to compile the *. proto file into a *. go file. Different command line files will be used according to different needs. Taking Go language as an example, we need the following comUTF-8...

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Character, string, and Boolean types

Character, string, and Boolean types Because there are relatively few characters and Boolean types, they are put together with string types (make up the space). Ha ha, I don't say much. Let's look at them one by one. Character type In Go language, in fact, character types do not exist. PersonalUTF-8...

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GO Programming Practice

1. Packaging and Tool Chain In the GO language, packages are a very important concept, and their design philosophy is to use packages to encapsulate the functionality of different semantic units. By doing so, you can better reuse code and have better control over the use of data within each pacUTF-8...

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OpenTelemetry Learning Notes

OpenTelemetry Previously, I learned what was organized when I learned opentelemetry. I only learned how to organize, with my own understanding, and corrections. The reprint indicates the source. Original: 1.What OpenTelemetry is for OpenTelemetUTF-8...

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Principle and implementation of classical consensus PoW

Principle and implementation of classical consensus PoW 1. Introduction to PoW PoW(Proof of Work), short for workload proof, was first used to prevent denial of service attacks and filter spam. It is now one of the most common and effective consensus algorithms in block chains. The most popularUTF-8...

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