Analysis of JavaScript -- type conversion and comparison

Let's take a look at the following questions. If you can answer them correctly and know why, you don't have to look down (of course, I won't refuse if you want to look again, ha ha): console.log('' == 1); // false console.log(' ' == 1); // false console.log(true == 1); // true console.log(true UTF-8...

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Difference between Vue2 and Vue3 bidirectional data binding

The response mechanism of vue3 discards Object.defineProperty() and adopts the Proxy of ES6. Problems with Vue2 bidirectional data binding: About objects: Vue cannot detect the addition or removal of properties. Because Vue will perform getter/setter conversion on the property when initializingUTF-8...

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HTML basic syntax

HTML semantics 1, Basic label 1. HTML structure This is the title of the page This is the content of the web page 2. head tag title meta link style script base (1)title Tag Define the titUTF-8...

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Vue3 source code analysis -- compilation module and compiler

home pagespecial columnFront end assembly numberArticle details0Vue3 source code analysis -- compilation module and compilerArmy Published 3 minutes agoEnglishThe compilation module of Vue3 contains four directories:compiler-core // Compile core Compiler-DOM // Browser related Compiler-sfc // SUTF-8...

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Vue template syntax

1, Vue basic syntax: (style binding, event handler, form, custom instruction, vue component, component communication [custom event]) 1. Style binding 1.1. class binding Usage: v-bind:class="expression" Type of expression: string, array, object 1.2 style binding v-bind:style="expression" Type ofUTF-8...

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react (Silicon Valley) 02 props basic writing method: set data rules for props, use props for functional components, refs in string form, ref in callback form, and use createRef

1. props basic writing method It is very similar to props in vue. Here, the value is directly transferred from the tag attribute of the component to the component attribute to establish the communication between the component and the outside.

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200 lines of code to achieve an efficient cache Library

These two days cacheables Cache library, I think it's very good. Share with you the summary of the source code I've read.1, Introductioncacheables, like its name, is used for memory caching. Its code is only about 200 lines (without comments). The official introduction is as follows:A simple meUTF-8...

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Learn Vue's notes from teacher CoderWhy

Vue git warehouse address: Video address of station B: Life cycle of Vue Life cycle: the whole process of a thing from birth to death Life cycle function of Vue beforeCreate before creatingcreated after creatiUTF-8...

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Background interface for adding, deleting and altering database tables based on Layui

Not cumulative steps, not to thousands of miles; No small streams, no rivers and seas. | @Author: TTODS Preface Lalayui is a very useful front-end framework and is very friendly to back-end developers. This article demonstrates how to use layui to quickly implement the add-delete change checkinUTF-8...

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Customize call, bind, apply methods in javascript

call, bind, apply are all methods on the Function prototype to change the direction of thisCustom Functionscall, bind and apply in JS are implemented in c++. Here we use js code to make a pattern, not to take all the boundary conditions into account, but to make a simple implementation. The thrUTF-8...

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