React core -- react hooks

📢 Hello, I'm Xiaocheng, a sophomore front-end enthusiast 📢 This article is a learning note for learning about react Redux data sharing 📢 Thank you very much for reading. You are welcome to correct the wrong places 🙏 📢 May you be loyal to yourself and love life The meaning of hooks The staUTF-8...

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Ajax. Day2. Some basic operations of Ajax

AJAX set request parameters Continue with the previous article case and its code. How to set the parameters of URL in GET request. Add a "yes" after the URL address in the code? Split, and then write the parameters to be passed. If there are multiple parameters, use & to separate them. GET.htmUTF-8...

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react only stays on the surface? Five knowledge points take you to sort out advanced knowledge

✉️ preface For the surface layer of react, we may often hear about declarative development, one-way data flow, component-based development and so on. Then, further, we need to know more new knowledge about react props, virtual DOM, ref and transition animation. In the following article, we wilUTF-8...

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The front end realizes the wow browser end code scanning function

background Not long ago, I did the function of acquiring browser camera and scanning code recognition. This paper combed the knowledge points and specific code implementation, and sorted them into the content of this article. This paper mainly introduces how to use the front-end development teUTF-8...

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The of front-end asynchronous requests -- the transformation from XML to axios

Introduction: in fact, a long time ago, I wanted to know about xml syntax. After reading many articles, I found that some bosses said that this has actually been replaced by json. It is really difficult to explain the advantages of xml. I feel that the encapsulation and substitution of encapsuUTF-8...

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Android hot fix core principle, ClassLoader class loading

[TOC] discussion on Android cutting edge technology: application of ClassLoader in hot repair Writing bugs again? Although this sentence is a joke, it is precisely because we are human beings, not gods, but we can't consider everything. Everything is perfect, and bugs are inevitable. So what ifUTF-8...

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Project practice 04 of grain College - front end foundation of lecturer management module (Part 2)

4.axios axios is often used in conjunction with vue to implement ajax operations. The usage scenario of axios is shown in the figure below. To use axios, you need to rely on axio.min.js. If you can't find resources, you can refer to it

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Front end basic sorting algorithm

preface When front-end engineers develop conventional projects, they rarely involve the compilation of sorting algorithms. Even if they encounter the need for sorting, they can easily do it by using array.sort() provided by js, and there is little need to write the underlying sorting code HowevUTF-8...

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HTML&&CSS (simple form tagging)

Basic properties of form labels input type = "text" text input box value sets default display content HTML &&CSS User name: iUTF-8...

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ajax principle and related use

1. php 1.1 basic use 1.2 basic data type

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