Flink DataStream API usage (including instances)

This article is mainly to familiarize yourself with the functions and use of Flink DataStream related API s through code practice. Readers can complete the exercises together after completing simple preparations get ready A Linux or MacOS computer with Docker. Start the container using Docker CUTF-8...

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The difference and application of two stream join and coGroup

Case driven cognition of join 1, Premise: To Join two data streams, you must divide the data of the two streams into the same window, and Join the data in the same window.Here, the event time is used to divide the scrolling windowFlink only supports equivalent joins, i.e. those with equal key sUTF-8...

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Data lake of big data -- flink integration hudi

1. Introduction to Hudi Huid Supports streaming read and write operations, and streaming data can be accessed through Huid To add data and save accurately Index Position. If there is a problem in writing or reading, you can index and rollback data because Hudi When writing and writing, it recorUTF-8...

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The Flink task is de duplicated through RoaringBitmap

background In daily development, there are often some scenarios that need real-time de duplication. There are a variety of implementation methods, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The key lies in how to select a suitable method combined with your own business scenario. ToUTF-8...

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Chapter 3 memory management of Flink basic theory

1. Introduce Flink memory management: manage your own memory Data analysis engines based on JVM need to store a large amount of data in memory, so they have to face several problems existing in JVM Java object storage density is low. An object containing only boolean attributes takes up 16 byteUTF-8...

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E-commerce large screen real-time computing scheme based on Kafka + Flink + Redis

preface Ali's double 11 sales large screen can be said to be a special scenic spot. Real time dashboard is being adopted by more and more enterprises to present key data indicators in time. And in practice, it will certainly not only calculate one or two dimensions. Because of Flink's "true strUTF-8...

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[Flink] source code Notes - StreamGraph to JobGraph

brief introductionJobGraph can be regarded as the optimization graph of StreamGraph. It combines some operators that meet specific conditions into an operator chain to reduce the resource consumption caused by data serialization / deserialization between nodes and network communication.Entry fuUTF-8...

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The first program to get started with Flink - WordCount

1, Start with WordCount 1.1 Maven dependency

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Flink practice tutorial: getting started 4 - reading MySQL data and writing to ES

Introduction to flow computing OceanusStream computing Oceanus is a powerful tool for real-time analysis of big data product ecosystem. It is an enterprise level real-time big data analysis platform based on Apache Flink with the characteristics of one-stop development, seamless connection, subUTF-8...

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Flink practice tutorial - getting started: reading MySQL data and writing to ES

Author: Tencent cloud flow computing Oceanus team Introduction to flow computing Oceanus Stream computing Oceanus is a powerful tool for real-time analysis of big data product ecosystem. It is an enterprise level real-time big data analysis platform based on Apache Flink with the characteristicUTF-8...

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