What is a blueprint

With the increase of business code, it is very inappropriate to put all the code in a single program file. This will not only make code reading difficult, but also bring trouble to later maintenance. The following example: we write multiple routes in one file, which makes code maintenance diffiUTF-8...

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❤️ [Python from introduction to mastery] learn more about pilot!

Hello, I'm brother Manon Feige. Thank you for reading this article. Welcome to one click three times. Further introduce the use of the pilot library and learn more about it It's full of dry goods. It's recommended to collect it. You need to use it often. If you have any questions and needs, youUTF-8...

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Detailed explanation of Flask Jinja2 template

1, Cookies * It refers to the data (usually encrypted) stored locally by some websites in order to identify users and track sessions. * Plural form Cookies. * Cookie He was a former employee of Netscape Lou Montulli It was invented in March 1993. * Cookie It is generated by the server and sentUTF-8...

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Realizing the function of real-time page update (polling) with ajax in flash -- Taking the real-time update of curriculum schedule as an example

1, Pre knowledge -- using ajax to transfer time into HTML interface (query with button) 1. Download jquery and put it in static Download address 2. Write an HTML page, put it in the template, and write the corresponding view function HTML:

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Use Keras, Redis, Flask and Apache for in-depth learning in the production environment

Today we demonstrate how to use Keras, Redis, Flask, and Apache for in-depth learning in a production environment Project structure ├── helpers.py ├── jemma.png ├── keras_rest_api_app.wsgi ├── run_model_server.py ├── run_web_server.py ├── settings.py ├── simple_request.py └── stress_test.py DocUTF-8...

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[WEB security] flash out of network echo mode

preface This problem is mainly encountered during the game. The content of the problem is about this[ View information] # app.py from flask import Flask, request, session, render_template_string, url_for, redirect import pickle import io import sys import base64 import random import subprocess UTF-8...

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Flash source code analysis

1, Flash source code analysis # Create a flash project from flask import Flask app = Flask(__name__) if __name__ == '__main__': # app.__call__() app.run() 1. Check the run method in app.run() First, enter the app.run() method. After entering, you will find that the core sentence is to import thUTF-8...

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Flash core mechanism

Get started with python Programming quickly (continuous update...) python actual combat online bookstore project (Flask technology point More)) 1. First write a test code We use db.create_all(app=app) solves the error of working outside application context. Let's delve into the specific reason UTF-8...

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How to integrate Dash application in flash

backgroundPlotly Dash Is a Python web application framework, which can help us quickly build beautiful, responsive, interactive and data visualization pages. Unfortunately, an application that can only display data is not always very useful. If we need a complete web application, we have to finUTF-8...

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[Flask] lazy loading of ORM advanced operation

In one to many or many to many relationships, if you want to obtain the data of more than one party, you can often obtain it all through one attribute. If there is a department that wants all employees in this department, you can use user EMP can get all the. But sometimes we don't want to get UTF-8...

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