Blue whale CMDB deployment notes

System introduction Tencent blue whale smart cloud system is composed of platform level products and general SaaS services. The platform includes control platform, configuration platform, operation platform, data platform, container management platform, mining platform, PaaS platform, mobile pUTF-8...

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Deploying redis cluster production cluster based on docker

Before we begin, let's ask a few questions: What is redis cluster? keyHashSlot The function is used to calculate which slot a given key should be allocated to. The node allocation and node data storage are realized by using the fragment modulus algorithm. /* --------------cluster.c-------------UTF-8...

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docker study note two

4. Common docker commands 4.1 File/Directory Operations Instructions vi #Edit or create a file cat #view file contents ls #View Directory cd #Jump Position cd ~ #Jump to the root directory exit #Sign out touch #Create a file mkdir -p #Create directory, if available, without error . #current dirUTF-8...

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Build a private repository for HarborV2 in linux

Build a private warehouse for harborV1 in Linux 1, Build a private warehouse for harborV2.x in Linux Please refer to the previous article for the steps of installing docker and docker composition. The only difference is that you need to modify the versions of harbor and docker composition. To eUTF-8...

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Summary of basic operation practice and main knowledge points of Kubernetes cluster deployment

Introduction to Kubernetes Google's open source container automation management tool, continuous deployment toolK8s, abbreviation, i.e. there are 8 letters between K and s.i18n´╝îinternationalizationKubeCluster construction is very complex: Build a cluster with one click:

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docker - introduction, image

Introduction to docker 1. Docker is an open source application container engine and a lightweight container technology. Open source based on Go language and Apache 2.0 protocol. Docker allows developers to package their applications and dependency packages into a lightweight and portable contaiUTF-8...

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Detailed tutorial on the use of yolov5 and training your own dataset with yolov5

Detailed tutorial on the use of yolov5 and training your own dataset with yolov5 Article directory: 1. Installation environment dependency 1.1 cloning project1.2 installation of necessary environmental dependencies2 download the pre training model and labeled data set 2.1 download the pre trainUTF-8...

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K8s pod status and probe

Pod status Phase I: Pending: #The Pod is being created, but all the containers in the Pod have not been created. The Pod in this state should check whether the storage that the Pod depends on has permission to mount, whether the image can be downloaded, and whether the scheduling is normal. FaiUTF-8...

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Deploy Django project based on docker compose

Deploy Django project based on docker compose The book is connected last time, the project is completed, and it runs normally locally. The next work is to deploy to the server. Before I deployed the website, I usually deployed it with the help of pagoda. Pagoda is really good to use, but it lacUTF-8...

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Kubedm of K8S installs a single cluster

1, kubelet 1. Kubelet, a process responsible for communication between Kubernetes control plane and Node; It manages the pods and containers running on the machine. 2. The container runtime (such as Docker) is responsible for pulling the container image from the registry, unpacking the containeUTF-8...

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