CSS3 new selector (attribute selector, structure pseudo class selector, pseudo element selector)

CSS3 new selector CSS3 adds attribute selector, structure pseudo class selector and pseudo element selector to us. Let us choose the target elements more conveniently and freely. 1, Attribute selector the attribute selector can select elements according to the specific attributes of the elemenUTF-8...

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Animation effect of CSS3 (knowledge points often asked in interview)

CSS3 animation take a look at the following effects. Can you use css animation? Urban hotspot map Typewriter effect Running bear if you don't know, take a look at the following animation introduction about CSS3! Learn CSS3 animation at one time. animation is one of the important features in CSUTF-8...

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CSS Basics

Basic cognition CSS is short for cascading style sheets. Cascading style sheets is used to set styles for HTML tags in a page There are three ways to introduce CSS: inline, inline and inline

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css high frequency practical tips

Use drop shadow to add single and multiple shadows to some contents of elements .setCss { width: 300px; height: 300px; background: #000; padding: 32px } .round{ --colorA: #fff; position: relative; margin: auto; width: 200px; height: 200px; bUTF-8...

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Multiple choice questions of front-end interview questions

The output below is? function(){ console.log(a) var a =1; function a(){} console.log(a) } A.statements require a function name B.1,ƒ a(){} C.ƒ a(){},1 Choose A The output below is? for(var i=0;i

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HTML5 and CSS3 summary

HTML5 1, HTML5: a lot of semantic tags have been added : Head label : Navigation tab : Content label : Define an area of the document : Sidebar label : Tail label 2, HTML compatibility issues HTML5 compatibility issues: IE9 row level elements will bUTF-8...

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Similarities and differences between style and getComputedStyle() and currentStyle() in javascript.

To discuss this problem first, let's look at three forms of styles: inline style, internal style and external style Priority of three styles: inline style > internal style > external style The external style is the style we introduced into the external style sheet through the link tag, and our UTF-8...

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Implementing gesture library with JavaScript - gesture animation application [front-end componentization]

Front end component series catalog "I" Build component Parser with JSX"II" Building Markup component style using JSX"III" Implementation of Carousel rotation component with JSX"IV" Timeline and animation with JavaScript"V" Using JavaScript to realize three times Bessel animation library - fronUTF-8...

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Introduction and summary of traditional layout

Double flying picture and text mixed arrangement Captain America Poor Dad: "you should stuUTF-8...

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Understand the scrollwidth, scrollheight, scrolltop, and scrollleft of elements in js

scroll dimension The scroll size refers to the size of the element containing the scroll content. The following are attributes related to the size of element scrolling content: scrollWidth: the total width of the element content without a scroll bar. scrollHeight: the total height of the elemenUTF-8...

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