python crawler scrapy case--crawling ancient poetry Web

Crawl Ancient Poems and Articles Web demand Crawl the data of the poems on the web, crawl the name, author, Dynasty and content of each poem Page Analysis To crawl the poems on the page and copy the contents of any poem, you can find them in the source code of the page, indicating that the pageUTF-8...

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curl usage guide

curl usage guide Transferred from: Author: Ruan Yifeng Date: September 5, 2019 brief introduction curl is a common command-line tool for requesting Web servers. Its name means the URL tool of the client. Its function is very powerful, wUTF-8...

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The latest bullet screen and comment crawler of station B, the ice you want is coming!

Author Zhou radish Source| Turnip Chowder Recently, I want to climb down the barrage and comments of station B. I found that the tutorials found on the Internet are basically invalid. After all, reptiles and anti climbing belong to both sides of the devil. The little brothers of programmers figUTF-8...

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python crawlers draw a star map of a specific day

python crawlers draw a star map of a specific day Mom recently went to the archives office to check her information because of something and found that the real time of birth was different from that on the ID card. It was just near her birthday recently. I wanted to make some gifts for her. I cUTF-8...

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Reptile basic learning

1, Reptile Foundation 1. Basic principles of HTML 1.1.URI and URL URI uniform resource identifier, URL uniform resource locator URLs are subsets of URIs. Each URL is a URI. The URI also includes a subclass called URN, which is a unified resource name. URN only names resources and does not locatUTF-8...

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Reptile learning October

Reptile learning 1, Understand the operation steps of the crawler 1. First understand http requests 2. Understand URL 2, Learn to find the required url 1. First of all, I recommend that you use Google browser when looking for url Attached download address:

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Python crawler - Python basic notes

1. Notes In the process of coding, if the logic of a piece of code is complex and not particularly easy to understand, appropriate comments can be added to assist ourselves or other coders in interpreting the code. Note: comments are for programmers. In order to make it easy for programmers to UTF-8...

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The popular squid game on the whole network uses Python to analyze a wave of film reviews today

Hello, dear readers, I'm Xiao Zhang~ It's not national day. I brushed off a recent popular Korean drama squid game. The overall plot of this drama is very good and worth watching, As a technology blogger, of course, I can't introduce the film reviews of the play here. After all, I'm not professUTF-8...

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Capture the data of Shanxi administrative division

1, Preparatory work 1. Determine the page to be crawled (Interface) 1. Shanxi administrative division statistics page of the National Bureau of Statistics 2. By clicking the link, you can see that there are four types of pages to capUTF-8...

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selenium crawling example

Here is just an example to teach me how to summarize Get cookie First of all, automation must obtain cookie s to log in to the account. The code is as follows: Here, you need to click a few times, log in to your account, and then obtain the cookie information, save it to a file, and then use iUTF-8...

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