Learning Notes: Sequential representation and implementation of linear tables (secondary pointer implementation)

Learning Notes: Sequential representation and implementation of linear tables (secondary pointer implementation) ** "Idealistic flowers will eventually blossom in the soil of romantic attention, and my passion will never fade out in the ordinary shown" ** Sequential representation and implementUTF-8...

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❤️ C language address book management system (simple version) ❤️

This blog is about the introduction of C language address book. Let's see if you can write such a system? 👋 Hi~ o( ̄▽  ̄) here is the pig programmer 👀 Nice to meet you O(∩) O! 🌱 Now sprouting 🎉 Welcome to pay attention 🔎 give the thumbs-up 👍 Collection ⭐ Leave a message 📝 📌 This articUTF-8...

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Kernel level thread implementation

preface Tips: This is mainly for the kernel thread switch_to's five paragraph theory program. Five paragraph Theory: Two sets of stacks for core level threads. The core is the kernel stack Switching process of core level threads: Tip: the following is the main content of this article, 1, InterUTF-8...

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LeetCode linked list type -- C language implementation

1, 203. Remove linked list elements Delete all nodes in the linked list equal to the given value val. Idea: delete in sequence. The pointer p is used to find the node to be deleted, pr points to the previous position of the node to be deleted, and ph performs the deletion operation. C language UTF-8...

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Extra detailed advanced C tutorial! Dynamic memory management

Author's code cloud address:https://gitee.com/dongtiao-xiewei Subsequent authors will update their daily series of titles, the original code will all upload code cloud, recommended attention oh, pen core~ More in-depth understanding of the c language? Subscribe to the author's advanced c languaUTF-8...

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[graphic C language] quick sorting, really good and quick

Quick sort is an exchange sort method of binary tree structure proposed by Hoare in 1962. It is worth mentioning that bigwigs are still active in academia. Introduction to quick sort Let's first get a rough idea of quick sort: The basic idea is: take any element in the element sequence to be soUTF-8...

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C++ | C + + multithreaded programming

C++ | C + + multithreaded programming C + + multithreading Multithreading is a special form of multitasking, which allows the computer to run two or more programs at the same time. Generally, there are two types of multitasking: process based and thread based. Process based multitasking is the UTF-8...

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Notes -- basic knowledge of problem brushing

quote Multipoint test Different inputs – EOF type: while(scanf("a",&a)!=EOF){} //Read in string while(scanf("a",a)!=EOF){} while(gets(a)!=NULL){} Different output Output n data, only the last data cannot be followed by spaces: while(t--){ if(t

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[graphic C language] is just a simple sort

Today we will introduce several common sorting methods: Insert sort Direct insert sort The idea of direct insertion sorting is relatively simple. We divide the array into two parts: ordered area and unnecessary area. We continuously insert the first element of the disordered region into the ordUTF-8...

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Implementation of particle swarm optimization algorithm in C language

Implementation of particle swarm optimization algorithm in C language 1, Introduction to particle swarm optimization particle swarm optimization algorithm is an evolutionary algorithm. Its idea source is to imitate birds foraging in nature. suppose 50 birds randomly appear in a position and thUTF-8...

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