c language: 17 bit operation

1. Bit Bit represents a bit in a binary number. The value is 0 or 1. 0 represents false and 1 represents true. It is often necessary to deal with the problem of binary bits in system software. In the modern framework, the operation speed is usually the same as that of addition and faster than UTF-8...

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Linux interprocess communication

signal For Linux, signals are soft interrupts, and many important programs need to process signals. Semaphores provide Linux with a way to handle asynchronous events. For example, if the end user inputs ctrl+c to the terminal program, it will stop a program through the signal mechanism. In factUTF-8...

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Data structure (7. Huffman tree)

catalogue 1, Huffman tree 2, Huffman coding implementation 1, Huffman tree Huffman tree, also known as the optimal tree, is a kind of tree with the shortest weighted path length. This paper discusses the optimal binary tree. Here are some noun concepts. Path: a branch from one node to another iUTF-8...

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Character function simulation

catalogue strcpy strlen strcmp strstr strcat memcpy memove strcpy strcpy is a string copying function. When simulating its implementation, you should pay attention to some characteristics of this function: 1. The target string should be long enough to accommodate the original string 2. The oriUTF-8...

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[C language] ☀ ⅸ comprehensive summary (detailed explanation + code demonstration + illustration + classic cases)

catalogue ​ 1, What is an array? 2, Creation and initialization of one-dimensional array Creation of one-dimensional array Creation method initialization Incomplete initialization Full initialization Omit initialization of array length Error demonstration Initialization of character array 3, UUTF-8...

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Personalization - custom type

Custom type structural morphology A structure is a collection of values called member variables. Each member of the structure can be a different type of variable Declare a struct type //Declaring a student type is to create a student variable (object) through the student type //To describe a sUTF-8...

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Using c/c + + to output graphics

1, String type [1] Solid graphics (1-5,12) 1. Input n value and output rectangle as shown in the figure ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** #include using namespace std; int main() { int n; cin>>n; for(int i=0 ; i

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Simulation and implementation of string library functions and key functions [Part 2] - strstr + strtok + strerror

This paper will continue to introduce the string library function, that is, the simulation implementation of the key function. Beginning of text @ side book 8.strstr 💛 String lookup function - finds a substring in a string Use of STR: 😇 Simulation Implementation of STR_ strlen: 💙 Train of tUTF-8...

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Analysis and Simulation of string function and memory function commonly used in C language

1, List of string library functions related to C language 2, strlen function (find string length) Introduction to strlen function The strlen function is used to find the length of a string (excluding \ 0). For example, the length of the string "abc" is 3. How do we use the strlen function in tUTF-8...

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Character function, string function and memory function

This chapter explains in detail the use of character functions, string functions and memory functions, and simulates the implementation of library functions. The processing of characters and strings in C language is very frequent, but C language itself has no string type. Strings are usually pUTF-8...

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