MOOC_ Zhejiang big data structure_ Linear table, stack, queue (sequential storage and chain storage)

Linear table The most common method in data structure: array storage / linked list storage A linear table is a linear structure of an ordered sequence of data elements of the same type characteristic: Number of elements in the table - length of linear tableWhen there are no elements in the tablUTF-8...

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Re-understanding of the Three Inheritance Modes in C++.

C++ has three forms of inheritance: 1:public inheritance (most commonly used) 2:protected Protects Inheritance private Private Inheritance (1) public inheritance: Parent (base) class member access propertiesSubclass (derived class) member access propertiesprivate Memberscannot accessprotected mUTF-8...

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Data structure (7. Huffman tree)

catalogue 1, Huffman tree 2, Huffman coding implementation 1, Huffman tree Huffman tree, also known as the optimal tree, is a kind of tree with the shortest weighted path length. This paper discusses the optimal binary tree. Here are some noun concepts. Path: a branch from one node to another iUTF-8...

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[C language] ☀ ⅸ comprehensive summary (detailed explanation + code demonstration + illustration + classic cases)

catalogue ​ 1, What is an array? 2, Creation and initialization of one-dimensional array Creation of one-dimensional array Creation method initialization Incomplete initialization Full initialization Omit initialization of array length Error demonstration Initialization of character array 3, UUTF-8...

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Personalization - custom type

Custom type structural morphology A structure is a collection of values called member variables. Each member of the structure can be a different type of variable Declare a struct type //Declaring a student type is to create a student variable (object) through the student type //To describe a sUTF-8...

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Using c/c + + to output graphics

1, String type [1] Solid graphics (1-5,12) 1. Input n value and output rectangle as shown in the figure ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** #include using namespace std; int main() { int n; cin>>n; for(int i=0 ; i

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C++ 11 Multithread Foundation and Simple Thread Pool Implementation

I have the audacity to aggregate (copy) other people's blogs for my own convenience Reference (plagiarism) C++ Reference C++ threads Usage Summary (collation)_sevenjoin's blog-CSDN blog_c++ thread

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Educational Codeforces Round 114 (Rated for Div. 2)

Travel portal A. Regular Bracket Sequences Give you an integer n n n. Construct and print length 2 n 2n 2n n n n different legal bracket sequences. Topic analysis: simulation, you might as well set the initial bracket sequence as ( ( ( ⏟ n ⋯ ) ) ) ⏟ n \underbrace{(((}_{n} \cdots \underbrace{)))UTF-8...

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Preliminary exploration of C + +: qt application

C++ object-oriented suffix .cpp compile: g++ xxx.cpp **Encapsulation: * * the abstract process of encapsulation, which describes the characteristics of a class of things **Class: * * a general term for a class of things **Object: * * a special / individual of something How to describe a class oUTF-8...

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Developing C + + project with VSCode

Write in front Recently, I'm learning C + +, but I don't want to use the huge IDE of visual studio. The volume of VS is a little cumbersome (mainly because I'm poor and have no money to change computers. At present, it takes two or three minutes to open vs, so I'm too lazy to use vs. hee!). LetUTF-8...

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