Java multithreading: thread priority

1. Priority value range Java thread priority is expressed as an integer from 1 to 10: Lowest priority 1: Thread.MIN_PRIORITY Highest priority 10: Thread.MAX_PRIORITY Normal priority 5: Thread.NORM_PRIORITY 2 get thread priority public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(Thread.UTF-8...

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Analyze lnstantRun source code from scratch

background The Instant Run introduced in Android Studio 2.0 is the behavior of Run and Debug commands, which can greatly shorten the application update time. Although the first build may take a long time, Instant Run does not need to build a new APK when pushing subsequent updates to the applicUTF-8...

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PyTorch & Android Development Notes

1, Pytoch installation Download the Whl file and install locally using pip install Avoid pitfalls: downloading tar.bz2 will result in missing, which can be installed by using conda, but pip install will report an error, and the installation speed is very slow ‚Äč Pytoch & torchvision. WHUTF-8...

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Source code analysis of Fragment, DialogFragment and BottomSheetDialogFragment life cycle process

1, Fragment 1.1 life cycle Fragment statement cycle on the official website. Figure 1 Fragment life cycle flow chart In addition to the above declaration cycles, you can also register FragmentLifecycleCallbacks to insert more Fragment status listening, specifically: public abstract static classUTF-8...

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[Android development] assignment 2: the Item of recycleView jumps to another activity

Writing ideas Add click listening events for each Item of recycleViewThen use intent to jump between activities In addition, this project adds additional jump effects Write specific code Listening event interface in CardAdapter //Define the listening interface private OnRecyclerItemClickListenUTF-8...

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Some Tips in Kotlin development

Then the last one, and recently sorted out some. 1. Scope function selection At present, there are five scope functions: let, run, with, apply and also. Official documents There is a table to illustrate the difference between them: To sum up, there are several differences: apply and also returnUTF-8...

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Android 11.0 (R) reserves a password interface to clear the lock screen

preface Some customers like to set the lock screen password for the delivered equipment, but they have a bad memory. After forgetting the password, they can only restore the factory or brush the machine again. Ah, the customer certainly doesn't accept it. In order to prevent customers from beinUTF-8...

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Learn Android, you must know these little knowledge

How to import dependencies Open the build.gradle file and add the dependencies you need to import, such as implementation. dependencies { implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar']) implementation '' implementation '

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Lottie -- a powerful animation rendering framework

summary Airbnb's powerful open source animation framework is applicable to Android, IOS, React Native and Web. Animation in JSON format exported by AE can be used and parsed into native animation effects. characteristic: Cross platform - one animation effect, common to multiple platforms. ImporUTF-8...

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Send MMS with FileProvider

Although you can get the path object of the photo through the system album, you can't know more details, such as picture name, file size, file path, and so on, and you can't personalize custom development. To make more file information available, Android has designed a dedicated media sharing lUTF-8...

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