[OpenGL ES] paste the square picture on the circle

1 Preface Texture mapping This paper will introduce: paste the square picture to the circular model without cutting the picture. Think: can the elements of real number interval [0,1] and [0,2] establish a one-to-one mapping relationship? The answer is yes, such as y=2*x, y=2*x^2, y=2*e^x/e^2, yUTF-8...

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Android Application Framework Layer SQLite Source Analysis

Summary _Android provides developers with SQLite-related operation interfaces at the application framework level, which belong to android. Database. Under the SQLite package, there are mainly classes such as SQLiteProgram, SQLiteDatabase, SQLiteSession, SQLiteConnectionPool, and SQLiteConnectioUTF-8...

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Introduction to Android -- UI Development -- Introduction to five common layouts (RelativeLayout)

When creating Android programs, the default is relative layout. Relative layout is to specify the control position by relative positioning, that is, to place the control position with other controls or parent containers as references. When designing relative layout, we should follow the dependeUTF-8...

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[Android application penetration] Hook: use frida to bypass and decrypt

Download and install Frida Main reference articles: frida introduction summary Python installation Frida Library pip3 install frida Successfully installed frida-15.1.17 pip3 install frida-tools Successfully installed frida-tools-10.5.4 prompt-toolkit-3.0.28 Download and configure Frida server UTF-8...

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Support Android 12 and save pictures to album in full version

background Due to Google's increasingly perfect user privacy and system security, it is more and more difficult for applications to operate some sensitive information. For example, the most common access to shared storage space, such as saving pictures to photo albums. Before Android 6.0, if anUTF-8...

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Android development Activity

IV. Activity 4.1 meaning of activities Activity is the easiest place to attract users. It is a component that can contain user interface, which is mainly used to interact with users. Create a new activity 4.2 Activity life cycle Android uses tasks to manage activities. A Task is a collection oUTF-8...

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Android QQ login access details

1, ForewordBecause the account system of the previous project is not perfect, so make complaints about accessing the powerful third party platform of QQ. At present, the project uses QQ login interface for preliminary testing. This time it takes two days to build and perfect the official documeUTF-8...

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openHarmony system component learning

1, Foreword There are many components of openHarmony system application development. This article takes only one example as a general learning method. If you have studied Android development before, this part should have no difficulty except language. This article starts with the implementatioUTF-8...

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Learning Android parsing XML format data

Parsing data in XML format There are many kinds of parsing data in XML format. Here we learn the two commonly used ones: Pull parsing and SAX parsing. For example, at present, there is a get with the following contents in the local server_ data. XML file: 1 shufu

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The magic of Android Gradle -- Gradle construction and Task introduction

The previous two sections mainly explained the syntax of Groovy. These language features will be involved in the writing of Gradle scripts. If you want to write scripts and customize Gradle plug-ins, you first need to understand the construction process of Gradle. Gradle build and Task introducUTF-8...

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