Android Studio unified dependency management composition builds

background In our AS projects, we often refer to multiple modules and many people participate in project development. Under this background, we will often encounter version conflicts and different compilesdkversions, resulting in larger packages and longer project running time. Therefore, the UTF-8...

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[Android development] assignment 2: the Item of recycleView jumps to another activity

Writing ideas Add click listening events for each Item of recycleViewThen use intent to jump between activities In addition, this project adds additional jump effects Write specific code Listening event interface in CardAdapter //Define the listening interface private OnRecyclerItemClickListenUTF-8...

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Learn Android, you must know these little knowledge

How to import dependencies Open the build.gradle file and add the dependencies you need to import, such as implementation. dependencies { implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar']) implementation '' implementation '

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Increase aapt2 "keep" rule accuracy

The appt2 tool will package your Android application resources into a runtime format. It also generates "keep" rules required by ProGuard or R8, so those classes referenced in the resource file will not be removed. Examples of some classes, such as View referenced only in layout XML file, ActioUTF-8...

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Android memory optimization

I believe that in the development process, my partners most often use the LeakCanary open source framework to monitor the problem points of memory leakage, which is more efficient, quickly find the problem points, and then do corresponding optimization. However, LeakCanary is an open source fraUTF-8...

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Kotlin Vocabulary | improve code readability by using extensions in kotlin

Have you ever wanted to add new functions or attributes to the API of a class? You can usually solve this problem by inheriting the class or creating a new function that takes an instance of the class as a parameter. It's not easy to use the Java language to find the code automatically, but itUTF-8...

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Detailed explanation of the Activity of the four components of Android

Activity details What is Activity Activity is an Android application component that provides screen interaction. Each window of the user interface can be drawn on top of other screens, and can also be used to fill other screens. An application is usually composed of multiple loosely connected aUTF-8...

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Threads and processes, Android multithreaded programming

1, Concept 1. Procedure A program is an ordered collection of a series of instructions to achieve a specific task. It is an executable file stored on disk. It doesn't have any meaning of running, it's just a static entity. 2. Process Process is an execution process of a program, which is a dynUTF-8...

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Introduction to Android -- UI Development -- Introduction to five common layouts (RelativeLayout)

When creating Android programs, the default is relative layout. Relative layout is to specify the control position by relative positioning, that is, to place the control position with other controls or parent containers as references. When designing relative layout, we should follow the dependeUTF-8...

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The magic of Android Gradle -- Gradle construction and Task introduction

The previous two sections mainly explained the syntax of Groovy. These language features will be involved in the writing of Gradle scripts. If you want to write scripts and customize Gradle plug-ins, you first need to understand the construction process of Gradle. Gradle build and Task introducUTF-8...

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