After reinstalling the system

(1) downloaded software


(2) instructions to be executed by the virtual machine

Install vim

sudo apt-get install vim

Configure vim

Open vim configuration file

sudo vim /etc/vim/vimrc

Enter at the end of the text. Do not change the text.

"Highlight current
set cursorline
"Enable line number
set nu 
"Enable mouse
set mouse=a
"Auto indent
set autoindent
set cindent
set smartindent

imap { {<CR>}<Esc>kA<CR>

"Tab Width of key
set tabstop=4
"Uniform indent to 4
set softtabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4
"Do not replace tabs with spaces
set noexpandtab
"Search character by character highlight
set hlsearch
set incsearch



Install SSH service
This service is equivalent to a bridge between windows and Ubuntu. Installing this service is the basis for operating and logging in Ubuntu under windows.

sudo apt-get install openssh-server

Modify the configuration file

sudo vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config


Use the ping command to check whether windows and Ubuntu can communicate

xindows uses ipconfig

ubuntu uses ifconfig

If the ping fails, the simplest way is to turn off the firewall and try again. If not, modify the following contents:


Install network related tools

sudo apt install net-tools

Open FTP service

Install FTP service:

sudo apt-get install vsftpd

Modify configuration file:

sudo vi /etc/vsftpd.conf

Restart function:

sudo /etc/init.d/vsftpd restart

Install FZ software:

Enter the IP address, user and password of Ubuntu (the user is the content before the virtual machine @)

If the directory generated after connection is garbled, after disconnecting:

Start services for NFS

sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server rpcbind

Create a folder in ubuntu to save the shared files needed next

sudo mkdir nfs

Modify profile

sudo vim /etc/exports
/home/****Own path****/nfs *(rw,sync,no_root_squash)

Create a directory to save the cross compiler

sudo mkdir /usr/local/arm


sudo /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server restart

Cross compilation environment
Refers to a compiler that can generate executable files of another system platform under one system platform. Cross compiler is very useful when the target system platform (the platform on which the developed application program runs) is difficult or difficult to compile.
ARM bare machine, Uboot porting and linux porting all need to be compiled on the linux system, and the compiler is required for compiling. In the linux system, you can use the gcc command to
c language programs are compiled, but the gcc compiler is for the X86 architecture. Now it needs to compile the code of the ARM architecture. So now we need an ARM
The gcc compiler that compiles the code of the architecture is called the cross compiler.

sudo mkdir /usr/local/arm

Jump to the arm file for decompression

sudo tar -vxf gcc-linaro-4.9.4-2017.01-x86_64_arm-linux-gnueabihf.tar.xz

Modify configuration file:

sudo vi /etc/profile

Enter in the last line:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/arm/gcc-linaro-4.9.4-2017.01-x86_64_arm-linux-gnueabihf/bin


After restarting ubuntu, if you can view the cross compiler version, the cross compiler environment will be installed successfully.

arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc -v

Installation Library

sudo apt-get install lsb-core lib32stdc++6

Installing samba

sudo apt-get install samba

Create samba folder

sudo mkdir samba

View the path of samba

Modify configuration file:

sudo vi /etc/samba/smb.conf
        comment = arm ubuntu samba dir 
        path = /home/****Path****/samba 
        #Shared samba #catalogue
        available = yes 
        #allow access to
        browseable = yes 
        #Is the share visible to the customer being browsed 
        public = yes 
        writable = yes 
        create mask = 0755 
        #Permissions when creating new files externally
        security = share 
        #Sharing mode
        force user = root 
        #When a new file is added externally, the owner of the file
        arm force group =root
        #When adding a new file externally, the group of the file

path = /home / * * * * path * * * * / samba must be real. If not, create a directory.

To add content to the configuration file, use the tab key instead of spaces.


sudo service smbd restart

Success without any hint

View the ip address of Ubuntu


Jump to ubuntu in windows Network




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