Applet source code download takeaway cps hungry meituan takeaway coupon rebate applet + front end

Take away cps with distribution rebate source code

Takeout cps hungry meituan takeout coupon rebate applet + front end

How to promote "take away CPS project" to earn commission?

Hungry? Meituan takeout red packet applet building tutorial

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  • Download the above source code locally
  • Modify it to your own wechat applet, and open /dist/pages/ele/index js
  • Wechat applet - > development management - > development settings add the domain name of the request: Address:
  • Applet management background configuration your link
    Background address:
  • After entering, select applet management - > non fission applet management - > Add applet - > fill in your own link
  • Wechat developer tool, import project, submit for review
'use strict';

var Buffer = require('safe-buffer').Buffer;

var StreamReader = function() {
  this._queue     = [];
  this._queueSize = 0;
  this._offset    = 0;

StreamReader.prototype.put = function(buffer) {
  if (!buffer || buffer.length === 0) return;
  if (!Buffer.isBuffer(buffer)) buffer = Buffer.from(buffer);
  this._queueSize += buffer.length;
}; = function(length) {
  if (length > this._queueSize) return null;
  if (length === 0) return Buffer.alloc(0);

  this._queueSize -= length;

  var queue  = this._queue,
      remain = length,
      first  = queue[0],
      buffers, buffer;

  if (first.length >= length) {
    if (first.length === length) {
      return queue.shift();
    } else {
      buffer = first.slice(0, length);
      queue[0] = first.slice(length);
      return buffer;

  for (var i = 0, n = queue.length; i < n; i++) {
    if (remain < queue[i].length) break;
    remain -= queue[i].length;
  buffers = queue.splice(0, i);

  if (remain > 0 && queue.length > 0) {
    buffers.push(queue[0].slice(0, remain));
    queue[0] = queue[0].slice(remain);
  return Buffer.concat(buffers, length);

StreamReader.prototype.eachByte = function(callback, context) {
  var buffer, n, index;

  while (this._queue.length > 0) {
    buffer = this._queue[0];
    n = buffer.length;

    while (this._offset < n) {
      index = this._offset;
      this._offset += 1;, buffer[index]);
    this._offset = 0;

module.exports = StreamReader;

What should Taobao customers do when their performance is in the doldrums?
Taoke Show • 3 days ago • Taoke dry goods, sharing in the circle • reading 113
The most popular activity in the Taoke community recently is the special edition of Taobao. Many people seized the first wave of opportunities and made hundreds of thousands of dollars. In a short week last week, the community was full of special edition publicity activities and various discussions.

Now, as the end of March approaches, there are few commodities with appropriate prices. In addition, the official activity schedule in April has not been made clear, so it is quiet for the time being.

Another activity is the first order cash gift. Since the first order cash gift came into the view of most Taoke in May 2020, the official policies and the playing methods of Taoke have also experienced many iterations and upgrades.

At present, it has become a relatively mature way of playing. Many highly promoted communities have been transformed to make the first cash gift, or select seed users to start a new operation, and the profits are also relatively rich.

But recently, the first order gift money has also encountered some small troughs. There are relatively few goods with high commission. Generally, the first order received by everyone is also relatively low.

Due to the temporary downturn in the special edition of Taoke and the first order of gift money, and the Qingming Festival holiday, it is expected that there will be no too high tide of activities this week.

If so, I just have time to think about the problem that I can't think carefully when I'm busy - what should I do when Taobao's performance is low?

In the 2 or 3 years of being a Taobao customer, I have encountered ups and downs of various businesses, and I am often full of confusion. But with more experiences, you will naturally have more calmness and calmness. Today, let's take advantage of the two activities of special edition Taoke and first order cash gift to see what we should do at ordinary times?

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